2020 Dem Platform

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  1. Don’t forget open borders and welfare and obamacare for all. Everyone has the right to vote for more handouts.

  2. right wing parody?!

    voter fraud, eliminating the Electoral College, illegal aliens voting, 500 genders, a national media that has been proven LIARS repeatedly, top party officials who have openly committed Treason…

  3. Neither God or American exceptionalism will be allowed to be talked about by the democraps. It will all be hate whitey and promote every freak type of behavior imaginable and the killing of more innocent children for any reason whatsoever and globull warming and absolute hate for Donald Trump and all the deplorables. And confiscation of guns from anyone who owns a gun except for criminals of course. And totally open borders to keep up their larder of potential demopcrap votes.

  4. …they don’t mind guns, they WANT their minions to have them and socialism can’t be implemented without them, but it’s YOUR guns they have a problem with.

    …the cartels were well-supplied during the Obama years, though, as were the Iranians, Chicago gangbangers, and God knows who else, and I suspect we’re going to see more of THOSE guns as we approach 2020, and no Democrat will call to retrieve THEM…

  5. Don’t forget Forever Mueller, which is their euphemism for Impeachment, the part of the platform they don’t want to mention.

  6. How did we get to a place where a third of the country believes all of these things and over half believe in most?

    It’s like we are debauching ourselves to disaster a very Roman Empire like ending in about half the time it took all those incompetent Caesars to achieve in 500 years.

  7. Black? Affirmative action.
    Brown? Affirmative action.
    Illegal alien? Affirmative action.
    White? Negative action.
    Black conservative? Extra-negative action.

  8. Divide and conquer:
    1. Keep people poor by telling them it’s someone else’s fault. Give them free stuff, take away the drive to succeed.
    2. Make sure there’s an underclass of people who don’t speak English. Call racist the notion that they should speak English.
    3. Declare walls immoral while promulgating laws that make enforcement of law against the law. Protect the criminal and prosecute the innocent.
    4. Declare illegal immigration is necessary because our population is declining while making very late stage abortion legal.
    5. Replace meritocracy and competence with ‘diversity’
    6. Ensure that politicians say incredibly stupid, dumb and implausible stuff. People believe stuff said by authority figures.
    7. Make wearing hijab a matter of pride in congress and MAGA hats a matter of shame on streets.
    8. Legalize drugs, make guns illegal, say no human being is illegal while legalizing abortion of completely formed babies.
    9. Call alt-right anybody who writes a thread describing the exact modus operandi of the left. Repeat daily till desired effect achieved.

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