2020: Democrat Yang Wants to Eliminate Car Ownership to Combat Climate Change

Dan Bongino: One better hope they are the lucky recipient of 2020 hopeful Andrew Yang’s $1,000/month giveaway before his next brilliant plan comes into play. That’s right, the extra money will be very helpful since we would no longer have cars.

During MSNBC’s climate forum this morning at Georgetown University, Yang said that “we might not own our own cars” by 2050 because private car ownership is “really inefficient and bad for the environment.” Speaking to a young collegiate audience, Yang said “you guys all probably agree with this because you’re quite young.” read more

26 Comments on 2020: Democrat Yang Wants to Eliminate Car Ownership to Combat Climate Change

  1. Pretty soon the Democrat candidates will own most of the ‘crazy’ leaving very little for their supporters and Never Trumpers!

  2. Joe Biden should copyright ‘crazy’ before some other Democrat candidate beats him to it! Yang is currently in the running, placing right below Sanders, Beto, Mayor Pete, Warren, Harris and and Spartacus!

  3. Aaaand he fully supports the UAW strikers… because he’s a democrat, and they get a pass on crazy illogical bullshit.

  4. Owning a car is inefficient? So let’s have everyone ride the bus which when not full is not efficient in terms of fuel and if full is not efficient in terms of time.

    Or put in rail systems which are locked into place.

    I supposed people really want to go back to a time when hardly anyone went more than five miles from where they were born. Oh, they mean that for you and me but not themselves?

  5. Dems are uptight, never-been-laid, moralist school marms, with the big wart on their face. Anyone having fun is a menace. Can you imagine living with these humorless, self righteous, and smug progs?

  6. If cars are inefficient then something else is more efficient. Like a helicopter!

    Trade your car for a helicopter. That would get Yang’s campaign off the ground.

  7. Without cars or trucks it’ll stop Progs from moving outside of big cities to places like Montana, Idaho etc…they’ll only get as far as the last light rail stop.

  8. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
    Don’t even try to figure out the Krazy cuz it simply
    does not matter which clown face the democRATz put on the ballot.

    In 2020 you will only have two, count ’em TWO, choices:

    That’s all folks!
    It’s just that simple!

  9. I wonder if they are going full retard to make the “real” person they have already picked as their candidate (who is not even running yet) seem more moderate. I think some here have already said something like this (i.e. SNS thinking it will be Mooch Obama).

    I also keep hearing whispers on Twitter that some think it will be Killary. HAHAHA I’d love to see her try it again. Think of all the ammunition to take her down that President Trump would have this time around. Yup, that would be fun.

  10. Yang is almost a bigger dumb ass than the people saying Trump should replace Bolton with Tulsi Gabbard.


  11. Pack the populace into cities divided by vast open spaces. Replace personal transportation with government controlled mass transit. Government disarms populace. Government shuts down transit. You have a fenceless prison. Sound eerily familiar. Or am i paranoid?

  12. Anybody think he is not using cars to get around in now ?
    And just how is the service and trade industry going to get their tools and material to job sites. Is he wanting to get rid of trucking too?
    So many problems. Not one of these people are living what they talking.


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