2020 Democrats are threatening to skip the next debate in LA

SacBee: All the 2020 candidates who qualified for the next Democratic presidential debate have vowed to bow out of the event because they don’t want to cross a picket line to get there.

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer announced on Friday that they would pull out of the Dec. 19 Democratic debate in Los Angeles if a local labor union dispute can’t get resolved.

The Democratic National Committee decided last month that it would move the debate from UCLA to Loyola Marymount University following a conflict between UCLA and AFSCME Local 3299.

Now, however, the DNC finds itself in the crosshairs of another dispute. UNITE HERE Local 11, which represents 150 workers who prepare and serve meals for Loyola Marymount students, said it would boycott the next presidential debate after negotiations broke down with Sodexo, the university’s food services subcontractor. read more

17 Comments on 2020 Democrats are threatening to skip the next debate in LA

  1. They just don’t want all of the Homeless camping out in the audience area & interrupting their debate no matter which city they hold it in Commiefornia,

  2. It’s like the candidates don’t want to debate, because they know they’re just a warmup act. Or like somebody is throwing a wrench into the whole debate process, so she can jump in the race with her new face after all further debates are canceled.

  3. Cory Booker is bowing out of the debate because of the flu…..In actuality, he and Kamala are going door to door looking for pop bottles….

  4. The TV version of Magatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is running out of shot locations before it even runs out of little clowns.

  5. What if they replace the union picketers with “differently documented”, newer, better picketers? It’d be OK, then? Wouldn’t it?

  6. The more the Dem candidates are exposed, the worse it gets for them. The next “debate” will be held in a dark sound-proof room.

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