2020 Democrats Need Slogans

Democratic presidential hopefuls are struggling to find a succinct slogan that sums up any of their candidacies.

I’m sure we can help them out.

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  1. “From Each According To His Ability, To Each According To His Need”

    …oh, wait, ALL of them are ALREADY using THAT one…

  2. The DemocRat Party could have a general motto:

    “Equal Misery For All”

    Harris: “We should have that conversation” (Said like a 60 yr old acting like a 13 yr old)

    Buttegig (whatever): “Elect me because I’m homosexual”

    Beto: “Dude, where’s my limo?”

    Gabbard: “I was military”

    Biden: “Zzzzzzzzz”

    Castro: “Make America Cuba North”

    Warren: “Um, have a beer America”

    I can’t remember everyone in the clown car so that’s it.

  3. Harris: “Not In My Hair!”

    Buttigieg: “I Go In Where Others Go Out”

    Beto: “The Arms I’m Waving Are The Only Arms You’re Allowed.”

    Gabbard: (No Slogan, being punished for honesty with Harris)

    Biden: “No, I DON’T Want Hillary For Vice President”

    Castro: “Viva La Reconquista”

    Warren: “Your Second Chance To Elect A Bitter Old White Woman”

  4. Ein Volk!
    Ein Reich!
    Ein Fuhrer!


    Sieg Heil!
    (Hail Victory!)


    All Power to the Dictatorship of the People!


    Abolish the Wages System!


    Arbeit Macht Frei!


    All Power to the Soviets!


    ¡No pasarán! ¡Pasaremos!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. “Abandon the search for Truth; settle for a good fantasy.”

    “When all else fails, lower your standards.”

    “The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas.”

    “Whatever hits the fan will not be distributed evenly”

    (None of these are original, but they are funny)

  6. Buttgay: “If I Can Ignore The Parts Of God’s Law I Don’t Like, Just Imagine What I Can Do With The Constitution!”

  7. Bobcat SEPTEMBER 14, 2019 AT 10:18 AM
    “Beto/Buttigig 2020”

    “One’s Coming For Your Gun, And The Other’s Gunning for your Come! Elect the PERFECT Democrat Duo! Beto/Buttigig 2020!”

  8. “There is no god but a!!ah and mohammad is his…HEY, don’t interrupt me when I’m reading the stuff the wonderful folks at CAIR gave me, they call it the “Shahada” or something, cool name, huh, they say they’ll like us better if I force all of YOU to say it when I’m President…”

  9. A paraphrase of the great comedian Gallagher:

    “2020 Democrats – The granola party. Them that ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes”

  10. “From Each According To His Ability, To Each According To His Need”

    …hmm, needs a Democrat updating…

    “From Each According To zim/shim/zir Ability, To Each According To xe/xem/x8r Need…hail satan!”

  11. How about the old Roy Orbison song?

    “Anything you want, you got it! Anything you need, you got it! Anything at AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! You got it!”

  12. “This business will get out of control…and we’ll be lucky to live through it”

    Wait. Substitute the word “you’ll.”

  13. We’ll always be there for you except when we are tucked away in our gated mansions guarded by men with scary, ugly, black guns!

  14. Give us a few trillion more of your tax dollars and we will keep the ocean from swamping our beloved B. Hussein and Micheal Obama’s splendorous beach mansion!

  15. You can see by the talent represented by the Democrat party candidates that we should change our mascot p the three blind mice!

  16. Jimmy: “Now give me what I want.” (A movie line – guess which movie, Claudia!)

    Waaaa, I failed! Don’t know the movie! 🙁

  17. Jimmy, I was sure it was Star Trek. Saw V only twice, but was it when “God” told Kirk that he wanted his starship?

    I better watch it again!


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