2020 Dems Mock Buttigieg’s Youth and Inexperience


Several top 2020 Democratic contenders are taking shots at South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg.

New York Times report reveals that the widespread annoyance comes after Buttigieg declared last week that the Democratic primary race was a “two-way” race between him and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.).

Former vice president Joe Biden—who leads Buttigieg in virtually every poll—responded with mockery, joking to reporters, “Well, good, I hope they do well.”

It wasn’t the first time that Biden had smirked at Buttigieg. After the 37-year-old candidate launched his exploratory committee in January, Biden greeted him as “Mr. President” during a meeting with several other mayors, in a “voice dripping with condescension,” according to the Times.

Other candidates have mocked Buttigieg as well, citing his youth and relative lack of political experience as disqualifications for his candidacy. read more

23 Comments on 2020 Dems Mock Buttigieg’s Youth and Inexperience

  1. The Democrats aren’t counting on people voting for their candidate to win next year.

    They’re counting on people voting against Trump.

    That’s why the intensified Congressional and Media push to turn people against him now, but they may have a surprise waiting for them if they fail.

    We can debate about it it now, whether it’s being successful, but we’ll know for certain in a year.

    Be sure to vote.

  2. Inexperienced?! But he’s 37! And a mayor of a city of 100,000! What better qualifications? Oh, and he’s a homosexual too! This guy has it all!

  3. he’s not inexperienced at taking it in the ass!

    and youthful? most faggots don’t live long
    must be something to do with entering through the filthy back door

  4. “Inexperienced?” He’s had about 7 miles of d#ck up his ass! Even for fudgepackers that’s an impressive amount of experience.

  5. Along the same vein, Mark Sanders (R) SC announced he’s dropping out of the race.
    He shouldn’t have exerted himself…no one knew or cared he was running.

  6. The only thing he has more experience at than the rest is suppressing his gag reflex. At least until Booker comes out of the closet.

  7. Yep, Pete has done surprisingly well in recent polls so all the others will be targeting him up through the next debate.
    Then he will not be doing well in the polls and they will turn their attention.
    It’s going to be Sleepy Joe or Pocahantas.

  8. The mayors spokesperson stated that he wasn’t immediately available for comment, his bullwhip was still inserted and he’d need just a little time.

  9. His youth and inexperience are like the dozenth things wrong with him.

    Smug, sanctimonious, holier than thou, flogging his non-combat Uber driver military service like he’s Alvin York when in reality he’s more like Alfred E. Neuman, Mayor of failed city that just ripped him a new one. Not that he doesn’t enjoy getting his old one ripped again.

    You take away his gayness and he’s just a less qualified Corey Booker.

    The only question is how much mileage his clown car gets from campaigning behind the truck stop bushes along the Hershey Highway.

    Don’t count him out though. He’s has plenty of experience coming from behind.

  10. The fact that he tries to justify his sinful degenerate homosexuality via misquoting the Bible is insufferable. Special accommodations in Hell will be provided by Satan.

  11. This jerk’s only resume highlight is he’s a homosexual. And a very mediocre mayor of a small town. And a knee-jerk liberal jerk.

    Let’s elect him president! We need Obama II! Now, if his gay partner is a FAT, cross-dressing, America hating racist POS, he’d have the whole package.

  12. You guys certainly are obsessed with the mechanics of gay sex. You must think about it A LOT.

    Don’t worry though. Trump is the best thing that ever happened for liberals and once we win we’re going to outlaw your guns and when you refuse to turn them in we’re going to fly drones over your property and locate your mono-vaults with imaging and throw your asses in jail.

    Then, you’ll get a REAL schooling on gay sex when the real criminals make you keyboard warriors their prison wives.

    UPSIDE: INDIVIDUAL 1 is gonna be there too! Maybe you guys can take turns polishing Toad from Mario Cart.

  13. Geez, they’re giving another reason to twist the Bible around for his own purposes. I Timothy 4:12….Let no man despise thy youth; but be an example…..”


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