2020: Papadopoulos Says He Will Run For Congress In Orange County, CA

DC: Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos announced he will run for Congress in 2020 on Friday, just one week after being released from federal prison.

Papadopoulos told reporters in his first interview since being released from prison that he partly joined President Donald Trump’s campaign so he could use it as a platform for 2020, adding that running for public office has always been on his agenda.

“I have a lot to give back to this country. I have experienced the pathological and excellent aspects of our democracy, I want to use my past leadership experience to pursue my present ambition, public service and  to serve the people. The will of the people is paramount, and with the tremendous support Americans from all across the country have given me, even in LA, I am confident that I have a shot in 2020,” Papadopoulos told The Daily Caller News Foundation when contacted for comment.

Papadopoulos reportedly wants to run for a seat in Orange County, California, and has reportedly began fundraising for his bid. MORE

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  1. Pass. If no one told him that he had been setup, he never would have figured it out on his own. He was ready to be Cohen before Cohen was.


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