May 2020 – Page 4 – IOTW Report

God put me where I am for a reason

May 31, 2020 MJA 6

Sebastian Gorka is joined in-studio by Dr. Ben Carson, President Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to discuss HUD’s plans to combat poverty, as well as Dr. Carson’s incredible [Read More]

When Science Becomes a Cult

May 30, 2020 MJA 18

American Thinker: By William DiPuccio Skepticism is at the heart of the scientific method.  Question everything.  Test everything.  Scientific knowledge is established by evidence, not authority.  The method is sound, but the execution may be [Read More]

Protesters eyeing Beverly Hills?

May 30, 2020 MJA 55

They got close. They only made it to the Fairfax District and did some damage before the police stopped them, but will they come back to try again?

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