2020 Dem Julian Castro Says He Is ‘Very Proud’ of His Brother for Posting Trump Donor List

Epoch Times:

Democratic presidential hopeful Julian Castro said that he was “very proud” of his brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), for sharing a list of top donors to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign on Twitter.

Joaquin Castro drew heavy criticism after he posted a list of 44 San Antonians who donated the maximum amount allowed to the Trump campaign. The list included names and businesses.

In his Aug. 5 post, the Texas congressman claimed that the donors’ contributions were “fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.’” more here

22 Comments on 2020 Dem Julian Castro Says He Is ‘Very Proud’ of His Brother for Posting Trump Donor List

  1. He may have a chance to be the Presi by the year 20202.

    LOL! I didn’t catch that til hours later.

  2. I think all Democrat candidates should do this.

    It really turns out the vote.

    Exit Question: Which came first – Low poll numbers or desperate, unqualified candidates struggling to separate themselves among 20 shades of black?

    I curse more than the other guys! Well, I was the first to call him a white supremacist. Half measures! I sent a peace mob of fascist anti-fascists to the home of that retiree!

  3. I can grasp the concept, Julianito. When my cat has been constipated for a while and then finally passes a humongous turd, I can look on it with a certain amount of pride for her.

  4. “…Julian Castro Says He Is ‘Very Proud’ of His Brother for Posting Trump Donor List”

    …and Raul Castro was proud of HIS brother for murdering his own countymen in heaps and piles, so what’s his point?

    …That’s where THESE guys have us headed…

  5. Demicretin’s should only be allowed to see sensitive information when there is adequate adult supervisiom.

    BTW invaders is what the Constitution calls them, you may want to read it, or have it read to you.

  6. …and I’m very proud that my wife & I will eat at Bill Miller’s BBQ several times in San Antone while we are visiting her TexMex family.

    At first we were just going to go once for their breakfast tacos. But after Castro doxxed Bill Miller, we are gonna stop in several times. Amazingly good brisket. 👌

    The Castro’s are dumbasses. They pissed off a lot of their donors with that stunt.

  7. “My brother is not responsible for the fire that destroyed that donor’s business. Radical leftists did that. All my brother did was publicly disclose his business address.” – Julian Castro


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