April 2021 – IOTW Report


April 30, 2021 MJA 17

-Ooops · D Anon Did you know about the Level 4 ‘WuhanLab’ opening in Kansas? “Wuhan”, Kansas | CONGRESS HID IMPORTANT INFORMATION. The 116th Congress and the Senate Agriculture Committee [Read More]

El Risitas Laughs No More

April 30, 2021 Dr. Tar 5

Hola Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja, better known as ‘El Risitas’ (’The Giggles’), has died in Seville at the age of 65, due to a complication of the disease he had [Read More]

Update on Shake N Bake’s Son

April 30, 2021 BFH 42

He seems to be stable, making it through the night and today without having to be upgraded on forced oxygen. No ventilator. This is an update of THIS POST.

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