2022 Australian Grand Prix Race Highlights – IOTW Report

2022 Australian Grand Prix Race Highlights

Our first race in Australia for three years was packed with action!

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  1. I have actually started watching a bit since the teams are a bit more closely matched, the y slightly reduced the Physical size of the cars, and Cocksmoker Louis Hamilton no longer has a significantly dominant car. (Has not won a race yet.)
    You have Ferrari/Honda/Mercedes actually competing.

    Not perfect, but better than Crappola Car with 3 stage races & no ability to get the last 10 laps in without 3 cautions. (and Fuck Bubba)

  2. AnonTrooper,

    I liked the Older Nascar Dale Sr. etc and the Older CART series before the IRL/CART disaster. the Current Indy cars look like complete shit and the drivers are not watchable/shit. Many buy their own rides & bring personal money to the teams.

  3. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY gotta go to the drag strip every once in a while.

  4. I’d rather watch a blind bowling tournament.

  5. So I’m the only one who sees “grand pricks” and giggles?

    Where’s Burr? 🤣

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