21 AG’s Send Letter to Senate Blasting ‘Ruinous’ Impeachment


In a scathing letter, 21 state attorneys general lashed out at the impeachment of President Donald Trump, calling it “ruinous” to the country.

The attorney generals, who are all Republicans, sent the letter Wednesday as they asked the Senate to reject the Democrats’ arguments.

“As Attorneys General of 21 States whose citizens and Electoral College delegates voted in the 2016 presidential election, we have a special duty to defend the integrity of the votes cast by those citizens and electors during that election,” they said in the letter.

“However, our interests go well beyond that particular election. This impeachment proceeding threatens all future elections and establishes a dangerous historical precedent,” the attorneys general said. read more

6 Comments on 21 AG’s Send Letter to Senate Blasting ‘Ruinous’ Impeachment

  1. It’s becoming clearer each day that impeachment is not about “High crimes and Misdemeanors by a president” but all about destroying and/or preventing President Trump from getting a second term in office.

    The demorat field is weak, Trump is an incumbent who has accomplished more than expected, and who drives liberals crazy by his very existence. This is about the election and directed at using our Constitution as a weapon against us.

    It proves a point that this is the biggest efort at collusion and political assholery in U.S. History.

  2. This Peachmint is exactly — exactly — like a Chinese black market knock-off of the genuine thing. It’s cheap crap with a bad logo intended to fool people into thinking it’s the real thing.

  3. This 3 year crap show forced on the nation by the demonrats is proof they where telling a big fat lie every time they said – every vote counts.
    They’re determined to make votes for Trump not count. Kind of an Animal Farm type deal, where some votes are more equal than others.


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