22 Arrested in Saudi Arabia for “Inciting Public Feeling”


It’s like the oh-so-delicate students at Berkeley took over the Saudi government.

You’re probably sick to death of hearing about efforts to criminalize speech that someone somewhere might possibly find offensive, and just as sick of the ongoing quixotic crusade against “fake news” on the internet. In the unlikely event those are your two favorite things, Saudi Arabia’s got you covered with a recent crackdown that can only be described as institutionalized snowflake-ism. The details are scant, but Breitbart reports a recent government effort to suppress dissent, which resulted in 22 arrests for “inciting public feelings” online, a move which should see plenty of support from the American left, which collectively agrees that people’s feelings are more important than people’s basic human rights. Likewise, there were separately 24 arrests made of people the Saudi government claims “promote lies” on social media, a spurious charge tantamount to “fake news”.

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4 Comments on 22 Arrested in Saudi Arabia for “Inciting Public Feeling”

  1. In the words of the late great Bob Dylan….Everybody Must Get Stoned! Now it’s gonna mean something else over there?

    What, you mean Dylan is still alive and going by the name Zimmerman?

  2. “Someone might be offended” = I (the administrator / principal) am offended, or my liberal buddies might be. –Funny how no one scrambles the minute a Conservative is offended. No, then they are just “intolerant.”

  3. Saudi Arabia – the country that libtards accuse of being “conservative”, should be a mecca for the left, but they would all find themselves on the bidness end of a noose if they lived there.


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