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  1. I give it a 78 Mr. Clark because the beat is hard to dance to and I can’t understand the lyrics except for the bad words.

  2. I liked the cameos.
    Needs more climate change.

  3. I just had an late 80’s flashback. I was telling myself how nice it will be again once this hideous rap racket fad has passed. And please quit saying “bruh!”

  4. Wonderful cameos, it appeals to the age group I most identify with (which is another way of saying I’m never going to grow out of adolescence).

  5. Who’s Amanda Bynes?
    A: A Hollywoodian Drama Queen Child eaten by Hollywoodian Life

  6. That was fun.
    Love the t-shirt on common sense.

  7. I like the 10-1 ratio of likes to dislikes it has.

    Those downer people are anti_American.

  8. Dr. Malone and JP! 👍🏻😁

  9. Since when does 2+2=5, never and only if you’re a brain-dead liberal who believes the answer can be whatever he/she/it wants it to be. 2+2=4 is a constant and never will be a different number ever, DUH!

  10. Love it! Really good. The guy gets it. His “guest stars” are great too. Rap isn’t my favorite at all, but this rap is kind of old school, ex. Beastie Boys, when you could understand the words and it’s not gangster rap garbage.

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