240 Years And Counting

The Declaration of Independence is very different from the Constitution and the two should never be confused. Both are unique in human history and have given us the foundations for a viable form of government like no other, but is in need of reinforcing today.

The power of this nation has always been in the limitations of what the government could do to its citizens. A fundamental principle that has been eroded to a dangerous degree in the last 100 years.


How do we get back to founding principals? Can we even go back to the freedoms our great grandparents left us as a legacy?

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  1. The fastest way to get back to what America is supposed to be, would be to start dragging the politicians who are the worst traitors out of their offices, and hanging them from the nearest tree or light pole. Spur of the moment firing squads on the Capitol Mall would also work.

    When the government is afraid of the people, there is liberty. When the people are afraid of the government, there is tyranny. It’s that simple.

  2. “How do we get back to founding principals?”

    I think LaVoy Finicum proved that it could only be done “By Blood and Suffering”. They would give him no redress of greiveances, though he asked many times. Most of the others he stood with are still in solitary confinment, no bail, no redress, stripped of all rights.

    Government is way past corrupt, they are our enemies – by their own choice, not ours.

  3. Moe Tom, I am convinced a majority of them are on a nodding acquaintance only with either document.

    Presto change-o. Got my picture back.

  4. The Declaration was the revolutionary document. It brilliantly laid the foundation for a society based on the sovereignty of its individual constituents.

    The Constitution was the counter-revolutionary document. It diluted the supremacy of the individual and created a governing framework granting such power to the central govt that its growth was guaranteed to the Leviathan we have to bear today.

    One small first step in getting back to the principles of the Declaration would be to recognize Alexander Hamilton for the mercantilist, statist, power-hungry traitor to the American Revolution that he was, and to repudiate him and his cronies.

    God Bless Aaron Burr. I just wish he’d been a bit quicker.

  5. “The power of this nation has always been in the limitations of what the government could do to its citizens.”

    Progressives (aka communists) took that power away when they installed King Obama and loaded Congress and the SCOTUS with more of the same.

    At this rate, we’ll be lucky to see 250.

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