249-Year-Old San Gabriel Mission Burned In California

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A fire early Saturday destroyed the rooftop and most of the interior of a Catholic church in California that was undergoing renovation to mark its upcoming 250th anniversary celebration.

Fire alarms at the San Gabriel Mission rang around 4 a.m., and when firefighters arrived they saw smoke rising from the wooden rooftop in one corner of the historic structure, San Gabriel Fire Capt. Paul Negrete said.

He said firefighters entered the church and tried to beat back the flames, but they had to retreat when roofing and other structural materials began to fall, Negrete said. More

Some find the incineration of a piece of California’s catholic history a little to coincidental to other acts of leftist destruction. Here

15 Comments on 249-Year-Old San Gabriel Mission Burned In California

  1. You don’t burn a church if you are merely an atheist. You burn a church if you are on the other side, in league with the devil.

  2. The mission was an icon of a California that no longer exists. California was a state of a country that no longer exists.

  3. Communism requires the demoralization of the public and the replacement of organized religion with the new religion of the state.

    Either that, or Notre Dame part deux.

  4. Such a shame.

    It would be terrible if the Clinton Library suffered such a fate.

    I remember passing that mission every day on my way to and from school.

  5. “Another Notre Dame ?”

    I think Notre Dame was officially determined to be an accident caused by careless construction workers not following the rules.

  6. They, the communists, did things like this in Spain in the mid 1930’s.

    And they are doing it here, though this was not the first one, and unfortunately it won’t be the last.

    Least we not forget, maybe some did not see this, but in the NYC Riot 2020 Phase One, they, the communists, spray painted across the front facade of St Patricks on Fifth Ave.

    Are they being prosecuted by Cy Vance in NYC? No they will not be.

    Here’s another one, arsonist in Minneapolis are not being prosecuted either.

    And therein lies a huge problem with this whole fucking thing.

    Don’t anyone fret though, this church will be renovated/restored if DJT does it himself, BELIEVE ME…

    BTW is arson a federal crime and if not, structures such as these, religious and of a certain age should be protected against this scum that does these types of things. Like some of the statues are now federally protected, this removes the local municipality.

  7. All of the California missions are on the National registry of historic places. Send in the feds to protect them from the satanists. San Buenaventura has also been vandalized multiple times as have others.


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