26 of the last 27 mass shooters had one thing in common

Think about it and formulate your best guess.

Now go to the link.

Conservatives are right again. But let’s not talk about this extremely high common denominator – because feminism.

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  1. … and they were all on ADHD-XYZ drugs
    most public schools get extra money for them medicated kids
    no one’s calling for a ban on big pharma tho

  2. Makes tremendous sense. Also bear in mind that the majority of these killers were on SSRI antidepressants (i.e. Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft) which tend to cause even greater mental instability. The mix of these two are deadly to say the least.

  3. I have a strong hunch that all of these condition issues will be on the table and considered with POTUS Trump. He’s good at wearing hip waders into the PC taboos. This is the delightful upside of having a president who isn’t taking money and granting favors to vocal lobbyists.

    It’s past time enough that we stop throwing money at problems that cannot be solved with money. The Left has shredded the fabric of our society. Defeating the Left and their shitty scheming against normality will be the only way we can solve this and all the other problems we have.


  4. Yeah, I can see how not having an engaged dad around screws boys up. It screws girls up, too. My dad kept us physically busy and playing most of the waking hours we weren’t otherwise in school. We had our own wrestling names, we played countless hours of “work up”, H-O-R-S-E, a permanent croquet set up, foot races, building stuff on our own, etc. etc. etc. Moms are practical, dads are philosophical. No family is perfect, but dads are essential to a balanced psyche — for both boys and girls.


  5. My guess was prescription meds. I bet that percentage is high also. No father in the home does build a lot of resentment. I know I was was pissed off about it. My bad behavior went other directions than mass murder.

  6. Several years ago there was a documentary about young elephants killing rhinos and other large animals in Africa. What the caretakers determined was that they had never learned how to behave. They then brought in large adult male elephants. The adults proceeded to “teach” the youths how to act and behave.
    Even other species need a dad….

  7. Mood/behavior modification through prescription drugs and the shooter was a known threat, but law enforcement did nothing?

  8. Wow! absolutely amazing, frankly obvious fact!

    (amazing that I turned out as ‘well-adjusted’ as I am! 😉 … subject to interpretation … obviously)

  9. But-but-but-but-but… MURPHY BROWN! 🙄

    They may not believe it, but MY 3 sons – and daughter – have no idea how lucky they are to have a GOOD dad – who doesn’t mind BEING a dad – for them. Unlike MOST of their classmates. 🙁

  10. @willysgoatgruff & really enraged:

    thank you for your kind interest. I really appreciate it. The surgeon removed a tennis-baseball sized tumor and got rid of the cancer that showed up with methylene blue (it lights up any other cancer that isn’t easily seen). And I am glad to be rid of that! But the pathology report came back and the cancer is now rated as High Grade something-thelial something else carcinoma. It has invaded the connective tissue beneath the first layer within the bladder and I’m going back for the same surgery in a couple weeks to see if it has invaded the muscle layer. Apparently what was first thought to be a Low Grade, noninvasive tumor has gotten its legs and now roaming around. I’m trying to take it one step at a time, but the doc is already making noises about radical cystoscopy (removal of the organ) because bladder cancer is especially aggressive and certain to recur. Argh. But, again, some with this situation have had success with BCG, chemo, radiation, etc. without removal. The first thing that entered my horrified imagination was urostomy, but there are some rather clever things that can be done now for some patients. We’ll see. Thanks again!

  11. Thanks, scr_north! What I’m learning about bladder cancer is that it’s nothing to mess around with — it behaves kinda like breast cancer in that it can hit its stride then you’re really in trouble. Doctors seem to like to take everything out than chance it. Never thought I’d be so very attached to my bladder, but there are some new ways to deal with it that are encouraging. Many thanks!

  12. Abigail Adams…My sister had two mastectomy’s in October with a whirlwind of possible bad alternatives. Everything ended up being the best of a bad possibility, almost. She covered her bet and did the intrusive next step and is feeling fine…..My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

    Your voice is treasured….

  13. @AbigailAdams: Whatever happens, don’t let them mess with your prostate. They did that with a friend of mine and he was never the same afterwards.


    (Just kidding, of course. Sorry to hear of the complications. Hopefully things can be resolved without the need for a cystoscopy, but only time will tell. Hang in there and remember that your IOTWR friends are pulling for you. Best of luck!)

  14. Willysgoatgruff — ahhhh. Thank you, friend. I hope you’re sister is recovering comfortably and is back to doing the things she loves. Thank you for prayers, they are especially dear to me. The thing that worries me most is that I’m tired and can’t seem to get enough sleep. But, sleep is good. Although I’m years’ past skiing black diamond, it’s hard to imagine having the energy to even drag my carcass around the block right now. Youth is wasted on the young!

  15. Vietvet — You should have a license for your deadly sense of humor, my lad!! I assure you, I will NOT let the docs mess with my prostate! I don’t envy you boys having a cystoscopy. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Just the thought makes me involuntarily cross my legs. Many thanks for the gut laughs!

    Cato — I really can’t say how much your prayers mean to me and Geoff C. And that you’ve included your prayer chain, that is very special to me. Hugs ~ AA

  16. AbigailAdams….I’ve got familial connections with Vail Resorts. If you don’t want to ski black diamonds, then do the blues or the greens at Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Loveland or Arapahoe Basin and everything they own out west…Better yet, ski with my sister at Copper Mountain….

  17. AA, I know that you know the power of prayer. But let me tell you that yesterday I observed that power first hand. God does hear us and is good.

    God bless you.

  18. willysgoatgruff — Lucky you!! I started skiing in middle school (junior high), but really learned in the all the ski areas you listed. I was stationed in Colorado and spent a lot of weekends with Air Force buddies on those slopes. Dang, that was fun! Haven’t thought about those years in years. And I’m here to tell you that if you’re offering, I’m accepting! That would be a fabulous goal. Even the black diamonds. I’ve made it a point in my travels to always visit ski areas wherever I’ve been; even skied Garmisch P. I would love to meet your sister at Copper.

  19. Claudia — You’re right. I’m not sure how people get out of bed every day without that “crutch” we call God. Always said, “If that’s what you (unbelievers) call a crutch, I’ll be needin’ two.”

    Thank you for your prayers and blessing, Claudia. God bless and keep you, too, friend.

  20. Thanks, joe6pak! Comparing notes with a dear friend is currently going through chemo for late stage colon/liver cancer, we feel like detached observers to this bizarre situation. And that’s just fine with us.

  21. The “26 of 27” claim appears in the headline of the linked article, which doesn’t exactly say that, and is based on another article which quotes another, neither of which seems to either. Is this, in fact, a correct number? Not that 6 of 7 (the real number?) isn’t bad enough.

    I know CNN’s “27 Worst” isn’t right. They really mean the 27 worst private-sector shootings. The Federal Government is the undisputed champ at 150+ for Wounded Knee – confiscating guns.

  22. @ AA: Thank you, dear lady, for the update! Best wishes to you from us in the enraged household. A friend’s wife went through what it sounds like you have several years ago and is doing well – sans bladder. Sounds as though there’re a couple of steps you can take before that. Again, very best wishes!

    And, as Willy said, your voice IS treasured!

  23. @AbigailAdams, so lovely to see you, and so cheerful as well! May that laughter be in your life often and for a long time to come. God bless! xxx

  24. @ AA, god bless,I wish you the best as they move forward in your fight! If you don’t need it? Cut it out!

    I find out next week if I’m done with chemo, I can’t wait to be a human again. The anchor I’m dragging has grown heavy. Very heavy.

  25. Reboot: I think of you EVERY DAY! I pray for you EVERY DAY! I will especially petition God to lift the heaviness of this physical and emotional burden and spell you a while so you can recharge. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Just a little longer, my friend. Just a little longer. In the meantime, don’t ask too much of yourself. Like ice cream? Haagen Dazs’ website provides real inspiration for trying some of those flavors you’ve been timid about tasting. I’ve had four (count ’em, four!) new flavors in the past week! Toasted coconut caramel is my favorite so far. Sugar may be an issue for you, though. A bite now and then can’t hurt, can it?

    Love & Hugs, AA

  26. AA….I haven’t skied for 30 years because of a very bad knee injury. There is only about a month or so left in this years season, but next winter let me know when you and Geoff and anybody else you want to invite will be near summit county. I can get your lift tickets comped and good discounts on lodging.

    My sister is a really good human being and does a hilarious imitation of Margie from the movie Fargo…she skis well ta boot!…

  27. When I was 14 and had a smart mouth, Mom would say: “Just wait until your father gets home.”
    Now I am glad she was able to say it, I can pass any kind of background check, and have.

  28. See it every day with my sons’ friends from “broken” homes. Those boys lack confidence, drive, have thin skins, and just try to act tough. When we’re camping, they are always the ones to find excuses for not bringing the right gear, shy away from work, and are general phuck-ups. Some of their moms are harpies, some are coddling, and some try VERY hard to do right, but I expect its very difficult to be both mother and father. Not hard to imagine that if push came to shove and they couldn’t learn to channel their teen ‘angst,’ they would just explode.

    Despite this Ian Black’s comments, the language of masculinity really hasn’t changed much from caveman days. Provide shelter, food, clothing, and protect the family. Why do people just assume cartoonish visions of cavemen?

    Proud Navy caveman, with a Betty Rubble cavewife, and four independent Neanderthal sons.

  29. they were all on SSRI drugs too, except for the terrorist mass shooters who are all brainwashed by Mohammedan Satan/Allah.

  30. The headline is flatly false. The Fox News story that started this meme examined only the seven mass shooters carried out by men under 30 since 2005. Six of those seven — not 26 out of 27 — were not raised to adulthood by their biological fathers (dismissing adoptive fathers and stepfathers who step up and do their job is another issue).

    A cursory effort at looking at the backgrounds of even a few of the 27 shooters in the CNN list would be enough to debunk the false claim in your headline. It’s a pity so few of the outlets passing on this false meme bother to do any fact-checking.

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