270 Reasons Women Choose Not To Have Children

Huff Poop-

– I love children, which is exactly why I don’t believe it is unfair to bring more into this world, especially here in the overconsumptive U.S. of A. We are not making the necessary urgent bold decisions necessary for this planet to continue to be inhabitable for humans.

– They annoy me. They’re needy. They cry. They don’t look after themselves.

– The thought of having to do kiddie crap every weekend makes me want to shoot myself. I like having the extra money to save for retirement and not worry about braces, summer camp or college tuition. I can travel on a moment’s notice. I can give my all to my job and not have to worry about daycare, sick days, or having to leave my co workers to pick up my slack. I’m the “cool aunt” to all my nieces and nephews. I have more time to do the things that make me happy and productive. My relationship with my guy is not strained due to the constant neediness of children. I don’t want to put my body through pregnancy and childbirth. I can give my dog all the attention he needs and deserves.


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  1. I can accept that some women don’t want children but do not like them being grouped together like it is some kind of liberation movement.

  2. They annoy me. They’re needy. They cry. They don’t look after themselves.

    Describes our current entitlement class.

  3. I never had children BECAUSE I NEVER MARRIED.

    Let’s see the libtards choke on that one.

  4. So, so glad these smug and self-absorbed imbeciles at the Huffington Poop won’t be reproducing. Child raising is an extremely important responsibility that should be left to the competent.

  5. Fine! all good reasons not to have kids. Are we supposed to beg such shitheads to procreate? Let their family tree branches die. Who really cares?

  6. Dogs love me . . . children run screaming from me. I vastly prefer it that way.

    Mrs. Mxyzptlk taught 6th grade in the inner city for 30 years. Thus, that’s another reason we don’t have children.

    My favorite “stick figure family” sticker seen on the back window of an SUV: A man and a woman with a pile of money between them.

  7. Wait till they are with an obamacare nurse changing their bag from an inside out colon with not a single person who cares.

  8. Psalm 127:3 New Living Translation (NLT)

    Children are a gift from the Lord;
    they are a reward from him.

  9. Made it through as many comments as I could.

    So glad these “women” didn’t procreate. They are not worthy of the responsibility, heartache, stress and joy parenthood brings.

    Their kids would have turned out to be as self centered, anilalyst, narcissistic people they were raised to be. I blame their parents for bringing them into this beautiful world.

  10. It’s good that those individuals choose to remain individual. Myself, I couldn’t imagine being without my wife, my kids, my grandkids, my dogs, my entire family. Life is good with them.

  11. If you don’t want children, don’t have them. I see too many people from all socioeconomic levels who should have made this choice – their children seem to be some sort of status symbol or like a pet. Raising kids is difficult, time consuming, expensive, and for my wife and I worth it. But it is an effort, and a responsibility that cannot be delegated to nannies, babysitters, the school system or the government.

    Although I disagree with Al Franken on just about everything, on the subject of children he had the right attitude. When discussing the concept of “quality time” with his kids, he stated that preferred to just spend a lot of time with them – quality or not. Yes, that trip to Disney World with your kids is good quality time, but parents will spend a lot more time helping with homework, driving them around, sitting in the stands during Little League games, attending school ceremonies, etc. etc. Children require a lifestyle change, and that isn’t for everyone.

  12. Having (or not having) children is, and should be, a personal choice. It does not have to be discussed, defended, or made subject to the condemnation or approval
    of others, no matter how much those others may think it is any of their business.

  13. . . . . . . . . . white
    270 Reasons ^ Women Choose Not To Have Children

    Amen, your honor.

  14. It is not clear who you are addressing with your comment, but I presume it is not me. Let me know if otherwise.

  15. I always wanted kids, but, like @greetingfromyonkers, I never married either. I would have never considered having kids without a husband, though I have known quite a few single parents who made it work.

  16. Our grown children see that and don’t want to support that or make slaves out of their children. Neither of our grown children will have children. They are afraid for their lives and what they have brought into this world. I wonder the same thing. What have I done?

  17. Actually, they are PITA nowadays. Imbecile parents raising the same thing they are. I shutter every time I have to go into WalMart and listen to the screaming brats. Go into a restaurant and enjoy a meal and listen to the rugs rats act out. We let our life pass by for 18 years, which we elected to do. I’m just stunned at the moment…glad I don’t have to worry about grandkids. Our adult children see the same things that we saw…amazed. We’re fine with that.

  18. I know exactly what you are talking about Moe Tom. Pregnancy brings out the true beauty of a woman. Been seeing that lately in the face of a black newscaster at THV11. Beautiful woman. Fantastic eyes. Soon to be a mama.

  19. Anybody who promotes abortion should not be allowed to have children anyway.

    I love my kids and my grandkids.
    They will carry on the family name, and hopefully remember some of the lessons I have taught them.

    And maybe come up and mow the fucking lawn once in a while!

  20. I’ve heard variations of the “I wouldn’t make a good parent” from some youngsters. My last GF’s youngest, being the epitome of a selfish liberal, was one of them.

    I never argued with them. I agreed. If you don’t want them, you definitely WILL make a lousy parent and the child will suffer for it.. Good choice.

    Besides, the idea an innocent child being at the mercy of an indoctrinating libtard makes me shudder.

  21. My wife and I are a happy couple of DINK’s. And we didn’t need abortion to make it so. Just saying.

  22. The best book on how to raise a child and the understanding of the family unit is the Bible. Since many of us don’t/won’t read/believe it, this current situation is not surprising in the least.

  23. Whew! I thought for a second there
    you had to disinherit one of your kids for marrying a Liberal.

    ; D

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