2703 Shootings, 440 Deaths Year-To-Date In Heavily Gun-Controlled Chicago

BigGovernment: As of November 23, there had been 2703 shootings which resulted in 440 deaths year-to date in heavily gun-controlled Chicago.

chicago pd car

That is an increase of approximately 400 shootings over the same time last year.

The Chicago Tribune reported these numbers as part of their broader coverage of the 11 people shot, five killed, over the course of last weekend alone. Half of those wounded were shot on November 22 “between about 12:25 p.m. and 8:40 p.m.” Three of those killed were shot on that same day, between those same hours as well.  more

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  1. Its ok. Its almost.exclusively black dead.ones. Hitlery and odinga hate blacks. They dont need them anymore either. They have moslimes now.

  2. Give this fact to a progtard, and they’ll then go on about how all the guns are being “smuggled” in from surrounding states, all of which amazingly have lower murder rates than Chicago. At that point the progtard will mumble something about “rethuglikkans”, “racism”, and “cops”… knowing full well that Chicago has no GOP presence but hoping you don’t remember that.

  3. The government doesn’t care about Chicago. They are supposed to kill each other there. It has long been a DemoRAT induced war zone and minority plantation!

  4. In other news, FINALLY the DOJ is prosecuting a perp for hate crimes related to the knock out game. Have you ever seen a white guy playing the knock out game? Well they found one and their charging him with a hate crime.

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