michelle obama

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  1. “Since my mouth is usually busy eating or talking, I am learning how to drink with my ears.”

  2. Hello Progresso? I ordered 0bamaball soup and there’s nothing in the can but brown water.

  3. “Now watch me crush it–just as my husband will crush all the evil white racists in this country.”

  4. when it’s quiet, mooch can hear all the whiteys on martha’s vinyard ringing for the house nigriss

  5. Me and bozo has to do this every evening. This is what gives us the Tin Ear so we can tune out conservatives.

  6. I’ll be damn, someone invented a can that can work it’s way out of a pile of garbage- then some dumbass goes and invents a pile of garbage that forces the can back in.

  7. “After I bang my head against the wall several times, I quickly sit down and listen for the echo.”

  8. “If I can hear the ocean in a conch shell, why can’t I hear the Chicago River in a rusty beer can?”

  9. First Sasquatch finds round shiny object scavenging in the forest and thinks it sounds like the ocean.

  10. Not a caption, but I do often wonder what happy drug they shoot Mooch up with for these spots she does?

  11. Joe Biden told me wireless communications was the latest thing, and gave this to me while he went to the other side of the White House, to try it out. I don’t get why it’s not working.

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