3 dozen House Democrats want Biden to give up his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons. Wonder why?

Dozens of House Democrats want Biden to give up sole authority to launch nuclear weapons

About three dozen House Democrats have signed a letter asking President Biden to renounce his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons, according to reports.

Weird, no?

Why does Biden’s own party want to take away his sole authority to nuke whomever he pleases, and strip him of the power so many presidents before him have enjoyed? more

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  1. Maybe even the democraps have figured out that joey is a moron and they don’t trust him any more than we do. Or they figure he might go rogue like General Jack D Ripper (Sterling Hayden) did in Dr. Strangelove and start a nuclear war by default.

  2. They are setting a precedent for Congressional supremacy. Today itโ€™s nuclear codes – which is already not a unilateral decision by the President, involving several layers of military command and oversight. Tomorrow….?

  3. Plus, most importantly, he’s not a legitimate President.

    (neither was Baronk,
    but at least they didn’t have to point and lead him to the podium)

  4. @ Geoff, At least Gen Ripper gave us a head start, 150 megatons worth. And nobody said we weren’t going to get are hair mussed a little bit. Good movie.

  5. Are they trying to take authority away from him or give authority to someone else too for reasons not mentioned?

  6. This is an obvious reference to the incoming pres Kammie Harris…not gonna let her have the finger of destruction.

  7. I can see the 25th Amendment from my house. If this is a real concern, shame on all these asswipes who never shared their concern with the public

  8. Don’t expect this to hit the Media’s agenda any time soon. It’s still 24/7 Tiger Woods asslicking. They’ve spent so much time on that vital story that they even got to the part that no DUI tests were performed on this precious AA elite aflteet !

    Single car accident, no skidmarks, high speed, no weather conditions…. the Lord just provided that no one, including a bus full of chillren got in this little prince’s path.

    Life has become an unflushed toilet, that the peeps keep using despite knowing that the flusher has been disabled. !!!

  9. It won’t matter who has the nuclear codes, once Bill Gates declares himself “KING OF THE WORLD”. He can just activate his vaccine and 1/2 the population is dead. Starting with teachers, first responders, and front line workers.

  10. Anonymous
    What are the chances Tiger Woods has a huge insurance policy in case he can’t golf anymore?

  11. @Different Tim

    Biden would be slow on the draw, shakey on the codes and would endanger security due to being feeble.

    Pelosi would slam that button if she was running low on Hagen Das Double chocolate.

    Kalamalama could actually bang the back of her head on the button while she was working in the Ovaltine Office.

  12. The reason for ONE person to have the codes is for instance response if we are attacked. Having a few more people on a list would make it fail to be able respond in a timely manner. This may be the intent of the CCP masters of our traders in office.

  13. “Iโ€™d rather have Bidens finger on the button than Pelosiโ€™s.”

    Neither one would ever issue the go code. They’d be too busy negotiating our surrender.

    In the meantime, give Joe a Chinese finger puzzle.

  14. “Virtually making any Future President a Figurehead onlyโ€ฆ”

    That was my first thought, then I realized they are asking him to give it up. They aren’t and can’t take it away from him without a legal process of taking him out of the presidency altogether.

    I’m sure future presidents would not be held to any decision of his to give up any authority he currently holds.

    I’m also sure this about making him even more of a figurehead puppet of those using him to destroy the country.

    They know he’s barely there, but they also know controlling him would be easier than a fully functioning human.

    We have a fake govt. A fake president is ideal for them. Wouldn’t want any crazy stuff happening like doing something good for the country.


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