30-girl Cat Fight

At least one parent who commented about the situation online pointed out the school’s unsurprisingly poor academic performance.

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REPORT: Beef over boy sparks 30-girl brawl; school locked down.

EAG: PITTSBURGH – Police expect to file criminal charges against as many as 30 girls involved in fight at Pittsburgh’s University Preparatory School Monday morning.

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Pittsburgh Public Schools spokeswoman Ebony Pugh told about 30 students were arrested after a fight between four female students at the school broke out around 9:45 a.m. and devolved into a massive brawl that forced school officials to institute a lockdown, WTAE reports.  MORE

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10 Comments on 30-girl Cat Fight

  1. 30 (black) girl cat fight. Weaves, nails and articles of XXL clothing lined the hallways in the aftermath.

    What it would be like to be one of the 10 white students at this school. Full diversity ahead!

  2. Sure, with a name like University Preparatory School you might be expecting something special, maybe Pennsylvania’s equivalent to Phillip’s Exeter Academy or something.
    But in reality this “preparatory school” is part of the local public school system, so it probably should be called the Lowered Expectations Academy where the social and intellectual lowest common denominator sets the pace and Kommon Kore Edukashun ensures graduates will be compliant members of the new lumpenproletariat

  3. “University Prep School”. That’s where the North American Pavement Ape gets a kollege edukashun in doing the perp walk.

  4. If I could give the young ladies of this miserable excuse for an institution of higher education some advice, it would be that there ain’t no man worth this kind of mess. Especially one with pants so low we can see his butt crack.

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