30 Percent of House Democrats Voted to Eject Nancy Pelosi (BSC- California)

LZ: House Democrats in Washington, D.C., started Wednesday with a crucial vote on their party’s future.

They decided to go with the past by keeping Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, (D-Calif.), as their caucus leader, but not without a sizable section of the caucus casting votes of no confidence in her leadership.

Pelosi, 76, was re-elected Democratic leader by a vote of 134 to 63.  MORE

16 Comments on 30 Percent of House Democrats Voted to Eject Nancy Pelosi (BSC- California)

  1. That old bag of bones bitch knows where all the skeletons are. The fact she keeps getting respected is a sad statement on the average IQ level in her district.

  2. News just keeps getting better. Now, if we could only talk Harry Reid into sticking around. Pelosi is so fucked up, no matter how much money she raises, the dems are going to continue to lose elections because of her. Great day in America.
    Very encouraging to see the dems refuse to learn from their mistakes.

  3. Apparently the old witches have powers that protect them from meeting just fates. Sad. Soon, however, those powers will be used up. Nothing lasts forever.

  4. Mayor Tommy D is having the last laugh … he tried to pawn his daughter off on the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the Daley’s … all the big political power brokers in the ’60’s … but his little girl outlasted them all … horkin’ up hairballs all the way ….

    (no takers for Nan back then … you had to buy it to see what was in it)

  5. Better the Botox Bitch than somebody who might know what the hell they are doing. That old crazy bitch couldn’t win a game of checkers.

    Plus, Pelosi agitprop never gets old.

  6. I am waiting for Nanny Frannie to butt heads with the Muslim DNC leader. That will be a popcorn served event. Maybe he will lose it and toss Crinkles off the roof. Grab her broom though, or she will fly away in a poof of green gas.

  7. Guys used to stick their dicks in that!
    Believe It or Not!

    (most of the Stevedores in Baltimore – (drunk, probably))

    izlamo delenda est …

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