$300 Million Soros Investment Pushes Legalized Government Drug Dens – IOTW Report

$300 Million Soros Investment Pushes Legalized Government Drug Dens

Public: In Hunter Biden’s 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things, he recounts the day his parents staged an intervention to save him from his addiction. He stormed out of the house as his daughters tried to block him from getting into his car. President Joe Biden chased him down the driveway. “He grabbed me,” recounted Hunter, “swung me around and hugged me. He held me tight in the dark and cried for the longest time.” 

Perhaps more than any president in US history, Joe Biden understands addiction’s awesome and awful power. Nobody should be more sensitive to the issue of addiction than he. For years, he and others in the Biden family struggled to get Hunter into treatment and recovery. The President knows, better than most Americans do, that many hard-core drug addicts require an intervention, not enabling.

And yet President Biden’s Justice Department is actively considering legalizing government-funded drug dens, which would enable addiction, not recovery. In early December, the DOJ told a Philadelphia judge that it would decide within two months whether to grant the city a waiver from federal law so it could operate a government-funded drug site.

Supporters of government-funded drug dens say they will save lives lost to overdose. The drug addiction crisis is the worst public health crisis in the United States. Illicit drug deaths rose from 17,000 in 2000 to 107,000 in 2021.  MORE

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  1. This has nothing to do with Cannibis, which has been around since before You.

    Watch the Deceivers work their deceptions.

    They will never blame their Alchemists for their woes.
    It’s always someone else’s fault.

    Cannabis is a plant from God.
    Use it wisely.
    In other Words, ban your Alcohol first
    Then your Guns
    What’s next?

    Boxed Wine?

  2. Is this guy ^^^ trolling the web for opportunities to be a cannabis apologist??? Weird.
    There is a certain reasonableness to accommodating drug use – but ONLY after putting the focus on treating addicts, particularly psychological and family connection. Without connection there is no point, as relapse is guaranteed.

  3. @ Left Coast Dan JANUARY 25, 2023 AT 10:53 AM

    Can’t begin to tell you how many times I have listened to the some loser who is as fucked up as a football bat say I’ve been smoking weed for X number of years and I’m just fine.

  4. We’re entering Brave New World territory, which is not a good thing. SOMA everyone and once again everybody must get stoned, at least according to these evil fools who somehow think that legalizing govt. approved drug dens is such a good idea. The law of unintended consequences will as usual come back to bite them in the ass once again and make drug abuse even worse if the gubmint becomes involved in its promotion. “Hi, we’re here from the government and we’re here to keep up you addicted to drugs in perpetuity, forever.”

  5. Notice how some of the commentors above Mix & Match to suit their needs?

    Cannibis and Meth are Different Things.
    But Deceptor Based Brains cannot help but deceive and Mix and Match. Blue Pill much?

  6. PS

    Those same Decept-o-Cons WILL make You take an Injection.
    As They See Fit.

    See What I’m Sayin’
    Cannabis Facts

  7. Here in South Portland, ME the City Council is trying to get an ordinance pushed through to have homeless shelters built along with govt funded drug dens….I mean “safe injection sites”.
    It’s disgusting and anyone who speaks out against it is immediately called names as is the way of the left wing loon who has no facts on their side.
    If this passes I’m looking to move. Even though our house is paid for and we have no debt. I’ll get out.

  8. How much more can we slide into degradation?

    Scriptures tell us that when we reject God, this will happen to our society.

    We don’t want him? He will oblige.

  9. 300 million dollars for dope dens
    hunter had a safe injection/smoking site- in his father’s house
    that place is so safe, they kept top secret classified documents there.
    if they’re going to spend so much, maybe they can double up on the use of the facilities and also keep government documents there.

    I want to know how many of the pictures on hunter’s computer were taken in his father’s house

  10. It’s almost as though they want people high as a kite?
    I guess people they’re stoned out of their mind don’t mind having that rope put around their neck.


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