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  1. Mommy where uncle Tyrone be?

    Go back to bed Amos, Uncle Roofus be comin’ tonight with pizza.

    I wake you for some when we finish.

    Now get yo black ass back in bed.

  2. you people are way too jaded. i think it’s sweet that little lebron is actively involved in helping his mamma find his new daddy. he just wants a traditional nuclear family.

  3. I’m reminded of a song…..”Momma’s, don’t let yer babies grow up to ride cowgirl…”….everybody now….

  4. This is exactly why he’ll start becoming a baby daddy somewhere between the ages of 14 to 16, and all the women in his life will be called ‘ho. Except the grandmother who will take up raising him. She’ll die before the second child is born, and he’ll be in jail.

    Lather, rinse, repeat. TWANLOC.

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