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Is this Bull? Is a Nickelodeon Show Grooming Kids To Embrace Cuckold Culture?

There’s a show on Nickelodeon called Bella and the Bulldogs. The show centers around three school kids on a football team.

The quarterback is a white girl, there’s a nerdy beta white kid who loves her, and a big black alpha kid who gets all the girls, including the white ones.

There’s a theory out there that this show is grooming white kids to be cuckolds. A cuckold. in porn, is when a white husband wants his white wife to have sex with a black man because one, two, or three of them get off on the humiliation aspect.


It sounds like a stretch until you get into some details.

The black man in a cuckold arrangement is typically called a ‘bull.” The show is called Bella and the BULLdogs. In promo pictures Bella wears her hair to cover the “dogs” part, leaving the word ‘bull.” And bulls figure prominently in the show as imagery, with nary a bulldog. In one scene, as an initiation, Bella wears a blindfold (blindfolds are used in porn cuckold videos) and has to slap a bull on the ass.

In cuckold culture, the goal. sometimes, is for the man to suffer the most humiliating thing possible – the woman giving birth to a black baby. This is called “breeding.” For some bizarre reason, in the show, there is a picture of a white baby on the wall with the white baby exed out.


Is this theory half-cocked? There’s more.

What if I told you the show’s creator is a black man whose biggest project before he got the Nickelodeon gig was the creation of a soft-core porn movie called THE CUCKOLD?


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 9.33.50 PM

Above – scene from kid’s show.

Below – scene from porno made by same creator.

The theory isn’t so farfetched, is it?

Or is it? You tell me.

Is this a “Paul is Dead” moment, where you can find what you want to find? Or is this pretty much overt, hiding in plain site?

More at reaxxion (language is raw at this site.)

and, yes, infowars (ducks!!)

(I had to link because I used the pictures above from their site. They actually have some good points that I didn’t get into here about how the left would cry foul if the shoe was on the other foot.)


25 Comments on Is this Bull? Is a Nickelodeon Show Grooming Kids To Embrace Cuckold Culture?

  1. And it’s a kids and pre-teen network. Riiight.
    You know, Nickelodeon has had some strange and creepy actors and people within the actual network so you know what? This wouldn’t surprise me.

    Lets not forget, Rosie Odullard’s ex-“wife” had a high rank at that place for a while.

  2. Pornos have “storylines” and “themes”??? LMAO
    I had no idea.

  3. It’s too bad Reaxxion closed down. Its sister site Return of Kings is still going though, which is great.

  4. Jeez! I was just commenting on a Salon story about a 3D 3 way movie that finds a “POV shot of an impressive male orgasm, almost literally in your face” as cinematic beauty with a barely legal teen, and I come here to this.

    Our society is so lost to have perverts in charge….

    How do we fix this?

  5. It is very important for these libs to mix races.
    It seems that it is more white girl/ black guy though.

    The new Supergirl will likely lead to white Supergirl hooking up with black Jimmy Olsen.
    Siegel & Shuster be damned.
    if you don’t like it they will automatically punch your race-card.

  6. I have an idea. If the show’s creator did not mean for any of this to be a reference to cuckolding, then how about changing the show? Make the girl black instead of white, change the name from BULLdogs to Eagles, remove all references like blindfolding and no white babies, and…to prove my point…remove any and all sexual references from the show.

    You know he won’t. Which will prove that this IS about sex. It IS about teaching teens cuckolding. If it’s not, then do what I said above.

  7. This is nothing more than one more notch in raving lunacy.
    Since Dick Van Dyke white males have been portrayed as sissy men, in every commercial the white guy must accept shame, masculinity must not be portrayed by whites except by parody, and all this is payback for the assumed cumulative crimes of the last four centuries.
    I agree with Fur’s assessment.
    How about this show:
    A kindly, bookish Plantation owner attempts to run a successful Farm but the laziness and ‘shenanigans’ of the slaves drive the staff to distraction. They ruin crops and equipment in playful retribution, while all remarking on how much better the food is here.

  8. As far as the shame aspect? Hillary immediately comes to mind.

  9. Psy-ops against what’s left of the nuclear family.
    Do most black men stay as fathers to their young?
    Will their offspring be paid for by their fathers?
    (Crickets, frogs)
    Will their offspring be aborted should the mother choose, by the fathers income? ( crickets, frogs, cecadas, owls)

    I didn’T think so either.

  10. Or, in the case of the Republicucks, letting the Dimz have their way with Lady Liberty, all the while pretending they love her…

  11. I thought the darker skinned black males purposely sought out fat white chicks to impregnate because they wanted to lighten their gene pool?

    It’s a liberal thing too?

    The liberals are racist so they want to eliminate the ‘black’ race?

  12. How about cameos from barry (breeder) or Serena or Mooch ( bulls)?

  13. no chance they can use the obama skank kid’s for a cameo roll ?
    i agree with you 100 % furr. makes me sick . blacks are not such
    bulls as it is .. just carefully selected. a little trick to all
    the myth making ..

  14. This is only the beginning. It will get worse.
    Watch tv shows, movies, and commercials….
    There is ALWAYS a black male/white female couple.
    Soon it will be a requirement to even get on the air.

    I hate to tell the black male community this, but only a small percentage of white women are even interested in them.
    We classify this group under the catagory of Fat, Ugly, or just plain stupid.

    White ladies, if you want a guaranteed STD, a bi-racial baby, no child support, a guy who won’t work for a living, and who will cheat on you every chance he gets, then by all means please start dating a black man, and enjoy the rest of your miserable life.


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