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West Point Scholarships

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So, for all the morons pontificating that West Point doesn’t “award scholarships,” Ben Carson accepts your apologies and is sorry that your abject ignorance made you look stupid.


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  1. Had to explain this multiple times to morons on Facebook.

    All of the following US services academies have full scholarships to all appointees…

    US Military Academy, West Point, NY
    US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
    US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
    US Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT
    US Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY

    All attendees at these institutions receive full tuition, room, board, and a monthly stipend.

  2. I can vouch for the basis of Dr Carson’s story myself based on my own experience. My high school had an excellent Junior ROTC program that was mandatory for males when I went (some hippie lawyer that had a son complained a couple of years later and the school system was forced to make it voluntary).

    While there were several awards “sponsored” by the US Army, there was only one that was directly awarded for each class (grade) by the army called “Superior Cadet” (you could only receive the award once no matter how many times you earned it). I won it my first year, then as a senior I had very good grades and good SAT scores, was considered a “standout” athlete and did extremely well on the ASVAB test (kind of like an SAT for the armed services).

    West Point sent a couple of recruiters to our school based on the ROTC program and the recommendations of the head of the program (who as a retired Lt. Colonel had pretty good connections and was a West Point alumnus himself). They were only interested in 3 of us and I was fortunate enough to be one of the three. They did offer me what amounted to a full scholarship (although I’m not sure that was the exact terminology that was used). A guy that had graduated from my high school about 3 years prior was recruited by and went to West Point, and they sent him down to talk with us as well. In a private conversation, I asked him point blank if he would do it again knowing what he did then and he told me he wouldn’t (for a number of reasons that really had nothing to do with the educational aspects).

    I was young and naive enough to believe that I was absolutely going to be a professional baseball player and any “educational” considerations were secondary to me at the time. West Point wasn’t known for college baseball so I basically told the recruiter “thanks, but no thanks”. There was never any official paperwork that I’m aware of and I never actually applied (much like Dr. Carson’s story).

    As a more experienced adult, I’m sure there would have been some hurdles to clear before being officially admitted to West Point, But I was indeed offered a scholarship just like Dr. Carson stated in his explanation regarding this story. So I find it completely plausible and probable that he was telling the absolute truth on this matter.

  3. Part of the traction that this story received is the simple fact that DrBen is getting widely known for having a loose cannon for a mouth.

    Of course the largest part of the talking heads parroting themselves on this story is the fact that a black conservative is polling at the top of the Republican side.

    Nononono(as my black friends used to say) can not have that.

  4. My son graduated this year from West Point. Yes, recruiters find potential scholar/athletes, but you will be interviewed by your Senator or Representative, ranked by them, submit applications, take multiple physicals to meet minimum requirements. selection is an honor, but you will repay it w 5 years of service. My son is currently in grad school at MIT, courtesy of the Army & MIT scholarship- but will still need to repay when he finishes. A walk on this campus meeting cadets is one of the highlights of my life.

  5. It is typical military recruiter speak. That scholarship language is part of the hype.

    You are in the military. School IS your assignment. All expenses paid, plus a commitment for active duty after school. But superior education and leadership training. But for a period of time, you belong to the government.

    Can’t think of a better system. The military offers ‘schlorships’ to all recruits. They will completely support you in trade for training, education, 24 hours on call, zipping you to new adventures, tearing apart your family, broken promises, and abandonment and deafness, when you depart the military.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a long time military dependent (officer’s daughter, enlisted’s wife, and now mother and grandmother of military men). I’ve seen the heartaches, hardships, and the loyalty, pride, sense of duty and purpose, and then the shattered spirits from the broken government promises.

    Watch the fine print of those ‘scholarships’, but the trade off is worth it if you are a young person needing an education and job training. Just be careful that you are assigned a crossover to civilian-life job. But the discipline, sense of duty and training are a plus mark to civilian head hunters, for any job.

    God Bless our wonderful, stressed, over used, misused military. They are the BEST!

  6. When I founded the US Military Academy at West Point, I envisioned Dr. Carson, one day, attending my fine Institution.

    I was a little disappointed that he chose medicine …

  7. From the time you enter any military academy, until the time you leave, you are single, no family to distract you from your studies, or to tear apart.

    Other than that, well written from one on the inside.
    I did my 20 years, and on hindsight, I also see what the military life did, not only TO my family, but FOR my family.

    Many, many tradeoffs, and not for the whiners or faint of heart.

  8. Sam is right, but there are also “scholarships” throughout the armed forces. Several programs are designed to send you back to school while you’re on active duty and that is your duty station. They pay the full tuition, fees, and books, you get your regular military pay but you must finish your degree in 2 years. There are plenty of variations between branches I’m sure, but I bet the Federal Civil Service has very similar programs…

  9. the brochure depicted above would have been more accurate if it showed NAVY kicking Army’s ass in football.

    Geaux Navy! Beat Army!

  10. Save Saturday December 12th to watch the Army-Navy game on CBS

    Of course, the thin-skinned narcissist-in-chief Mr Obama-Sotero won’t attend because he doesn’t want to hear the non-stop booing and catcalls and farts aimed in his general direction

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