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  1. So, is the idea that *women* need to cover themselves up to hide their inherent *desirability*? Because I think this one is possibly eligible for a couple of different waivers.

  2. Looks like one HUGE fart explosion contained by that burka tarp.
    How does that whatever-it-is breathe? Or maybe it likes the smell.

  3. I was wondering what the TSA would do with this one?
    If you were sitting there and it came down the center of the plane and was looking at the seat next to you, I think I be crawling out the window.

  4. “I’ve never seen a purple cow;
    I hope I never see one.
    But when it comes to purple cows;
    I’d rather see, than be, one!”

  5. MJA- You funny lady! If she had a center to fold, it would be vertical. It looks like a human (or sub human) was eaten by a bean bag chair.

  6. I was going to mentally undress her. Had to stop at the glasses. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night with this standing at the foot of the bed?

  7. Is she really that fat….or….does she have layer upon layer of bomb vests?

    Wonder what would happen to “her” if stuck by a stick pin? Deflate, or blow up?

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