$3,115,688.70 in travel expenses


Judicial Watch: President Obama’s 2015 Golf and Family Vacation Trips Cost Taxpayers $3,115,688.70 in Travel Expenses Alone

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  1. Today, you’d probably get worldwide majority support for funding the Obolas next trip, provided it’s a one-way ticket.

  2. I don’t “do the twitter”, but I heard President Jackhole going on in against his straw men again, suggesting that the “refugees” are “mothers and three year old children” and suggesting that Republicans are pussies because they’re “afraid of debate moderators and three years olds”, and he trotted out his favorite bullshit line, “That’s not who we are”.

    And I shouted at the TV, “Fuck YOU asshole! YOU’RE not who we are!!!”

    and I wondered, how do we make that a hashtag?


  3. Actually, I’m o.k. this this. Just like I’m o.k. with tripling any legislator’s salary provided that they stay out of Washington D.C. (or any state capital for state legislators) for 11 months out of the year. $3mm is a small price to pay to avoid billions of dollars useless government spending and continual loss of personal freedoms we incur when these jackdaws are in town and trying to govern.

    Garcon – another round of golf for the President and his entourge, please.

  4. FWIW, I have had only “staycations” during the Obama administration because I am so broke from paying for all the free shit he likes to hand out.

    Compare and contrast: traveled to San Francisco (2x), Costa Rica, Dallas, and Miami during Bush II tenure.

  5. When a progressive says that George W took more vacations than Obama, that is true……but…….Obama has cost the taxpayers more on vacations than any other president so far. Obama and Biden combined is millions and millions of taxpayer money for friends and family to golf and party.

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