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Trump doubles down on Hillary, bashes her for Bill’s affairs

NYP: WASHINGTON — Donald Trump escalated his attacks on Hillary Clinton Sunday — by bashing her for her husband’s infidelity.

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“I think he is fair game,” Trump told Fox and Friends of Bill Clinton, “because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled to put it mildly because of all of the things she’s talking to me about. She’s mentioning sexism.”

Over the Christmas season, Trump went on a Twitter bender warning Clinton to “be careful” when she accuses him of sexism. He implied Sunday that warning meant he’s ready to unload on Bill for his sexual exploits.  MORE

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  1. Calling Hillary a worthless, scheming, lying, evil, incompetent, witch isn’t sexist. It’s an honest assessment of her better qualities.

  2. Tromp is magnificent. He will bring attention, not make claims himself, to the women victims that have been speaking out for decades but have been ignored and silenced by the media. They will be covered because Tromp will point at them and their claims. Bill was found guilty in court, paid millions and lost his law license as punishment.

    He will basicly flip the script on Hitlery from the subject being Tromp is a sexist to Bill is a Rapist… lol. Fucking brilliant. Again.

  3. Wait! She started this shit. Because she’s stupid. Bill’s fair game. Man there’s a hit piece on Trump airing on Fox right now. Good old fag Shep.

  4. You can’t out asshole Trump. Even Stein doesn’t get it. “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business”. That’s Trumps game. And Trump always wins that game.

  5. Killary is going to learn a lesson even she can’t ignore. All along she thought she was dishing the dirt, but she will learn at the feet of the master, grudgingly. Or maybe she won’t learn a darn thing. Either way she’s going to get schlonged by Trump. And he tried to warn her. What a fool she is.

  6. Fox News Sunday amounted to a Pot Shots At Trump Show this week.

    I used to make a point of watching that as my only politics TV show, but now they can kiss my butt. They have made themselves as useless (and ignorable) as the alphabet channels’ “news shows”.

  7. “You can’t out asshole Trump”
    Brilliant! You have identified how Trump will win. The left has now answer because the can’t embarrass him!

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