пиво run


Unless you can read Russian you might not know what’s going on in this pic.

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This guy left the hospital immediately after waking up from an operation. He went to buy beer in 3 degree weather wrapped in only a bed sheet.


ht/ Big Owe

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  1. Thanks to Google translate, I know what’s going on. If it’s a Russian hospital, I’m surprised they didn’t have beer. Or maybe vodka, which in the worst case scenario could be used as an anesthetic.


  2. “He was also still dragging the various tubes and bandages attached to his body at the hospital.”

    Oh, yeah! Just like in the cartoons. The guy’s runs down the street wheeling the IV-pole hook-hanger. Go, man, gooo! 🙂

  3. My Russian wife read it for me. She was only mildly amused. Russian beer is very good and I buy it in Houston at the Russian General Store on Hillcroft when I go there. It’s like walking into a mom & pop local store in Moscow. Houston has 40,000 Russian speaking people and several stores cater to them. The best is Baltika beer. My favorite is Baltika Wheat beer.

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