33 Ways Twitter Has Misbehaved

NewsBusters has produced an extensive list of all the ways Twitter has silenced critics of the left while protecting those most favored by the social media giant. Here

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  1. Why is twitter so popular and considered such an essential part of our lives?

    I don’t use it, it has absolutely no appeal to me and never has, and I don’t understand the psychology of those that do.

    Is there something wrong with me?

  2. i don’t belong to twitter but read lots of my favorites there, including trump. i can find exactly what he said there and do not have to sift thru others opinions and slants on what he said. same w/ judy mikovits.

    remember, trump said he’d leave twitter in a moment if he got accuracy from fake news.

    i like brevity of twitter and read twitter rollups for somewhat longer views.

  3. I’d don’t “twitter”…I always thought that TWITTER was that space between the TWAT and the SHITTER!

  4. Well Gee Whiz, Mr Vietvet … if twitter isnt the right term, then what is the right term?

    I tried to ask Miss Landers one time, and she sent me to The Principal

  5. @Theodore Cleaver: Well golly, Beaver, I thought everybody knew that one. If not, well…taint my fault.


  6. Anonymous MAY 29, 2020 AT 3:06 PM

    Is there something wrong with me?

    Nothing that picking a name wouldn’t fix.


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