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McCain is grateful for the leftwing press and their stranglehold on Network News

Responding to a Trump tweet, where he calls out NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN for being Fake News, McCain remarks to Chuck Todd, “that’s how dictators get started.”


Trump calling out outlets, that are not even hiding the fact that they are arms of the DNC, and McShitstain’s response is that Trump is the budding dictator??

He then goes on to say that CHUCK TODD, and his ilk, is what keeps us from being unfree.

Trump is not shutting down or suppressing anyone’s speech, like the left does, he is simply characterizing the appropriate presstitutes for what they are- propagandists, with an extreme leftwing bias, working furiously to ensure the left are in power.


How does he wipe?



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  1. That, from one of the authors of McCain-Fiengold.

    From Wikipedia:

    In March 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, regarding whether or not a political documentary about Hillary Clinton could be considered a political ad that must be paid for with funds regulated under the Federal Election Campaign Act.[18] In January 2010, the Supreme Court struck sections of McCain–Feingold down which limited activity of corporations, saying, “If the First Amendment has any force, it prohibits Congress from fining or jailing citizens, or associations of citizens, for simply engaging in political speech.”

  2. John McCain has been on the wrong side of pretty much everything for quite some time now. He is a leftist enabling dhimmitard assweasel who needs to be retired and checked into the nearest backwards old coot facility post haste!

  3. Dear John,

    Thank you for your service but we have to break up. It’s not me….it’s you. Now please go away.

  4. It’s hard to believe that this Savings and Loan Crook ran for president and was able to convince many conservatives to believe that he was actually an alternative to Barach Hussein Obama. Two birds of a feather!

  5. I hate this bastard and the other RINOs more than the democrats, to paraphrase Lincoln, they’ve added the base alloy of hypocrisy to their despotism.

  6. How many millions does McCain have now? If wealth is created by being an elected fed official, it must be a lot.

  7. McCain trying to convince everyone Trump’s Admin is in chaos and a disorganized disaster is about as effective as his call with Russian radio pranksters.

  8. McStain and Kerry have the same morals.
    Both denigrated their country while in the Navy, both ditched their wives for a richer one, both show no understanding of the American people.
    Opportunistic scum bags is too polite.

  9. I can’t help wondering why all the hype to align Trump with the Russians, when the world knows how close obama, Clintons, Kerry and the rest of the libs were and are to the Russians.

    Makes me think they are shouting ‘SQUIRREL’ in fear that the truth of their traitorous dealings will be uncovered. Why else does their rabidness increase with every step closer to talks with Putin? Look what that snake Teddy Kennedy did. Pure traitor.

    John McCain is pure liberal turncoat. He is a liberal operative who has lost his soul.

  10. McShitstain has violated the Logan Act repeatedly. He is guilty of placing our national government and security at risk. Trump needs to have the DOJ immediately arrest McCain and try him for his felonies. He is doing a great job of making both himself and the Liberal NWO look like idiots. Unfortunately he also makes the USA look the same for tolerating his treason.

  11. They always twist it in their favor don’t they?

    Oppose 1st Amendment-crushing propaganda = crushing the 1st Amendment.

    Opposing fake news = dictator!

    Thank GOD millions of people were able to ignore the onslaught of negative 24/7 negative news and elect Trump.

    Faith in humanity, restored!

  12. One can but hope that the next WikiLeaks leak is John McCain’s actual military findings of his time as a POW that I suspect has been covered up for decades. If the rumours are true and were published I suspect the good Senator would be sitting as an independent the next day and the cries for his resignation would be coming from both sides of the aisle. C’mon WIKI!

  13. This guy is NUTS! He is oh so willing to attack President Trump but in 2008 couldn’t come up with a critical thing to say about Obama. Take him away!

  14. I was so furious on Friday when I found out he was bashing the President OUTSIDE the country. Shut up just shut up. I know you hate the President but you had your run at it and LOST. Why don’t you and Pansy McGraham just go–please.

  15. So John, fake news about you = bad. Fake news about Trump = good. What an idiot! It’s a wonder he can still get dressed in the morning without help! John, your sell by date has expired a long time ago, just go quietly

  16. This scum is only good at criticism and destroying navy property. Make him pay for all of the aircraft he wrecked trying to learn how to fly. Failure at pilot and naval officer and human.

  17. He’s not a hero, He was a captured bad airman.

    Given the circumstances of his torture, I give it to him that he sang like a songbird of his captors kindness bs.

    What is unforgivable is his terrible representation to his constituents and the bad leadership in congress.

    He is a turd to be flushed.

  18. How do we know if his “war story” has credibility? It was likely embellished to boost his political career. I call BS on his “turned-down prisoner release offer.”

    Arlen Specter needs a partner for bridge.

  19. “Arlen Specter needs a partner for bridge.”

    Hey Sylvia, I told you that on the QT. Don’t spoil my 75th Anniversary celebration of EO 9066. 👿

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