Cali seeks to make the crime of purposely infecting someone with HIV a misdemeanor


California lawmakers are looking to repeal a law that makes it a felony to intentionally infect someone with HIV, claiming it is “very discriminatory.”

The Associated Press reports the move, spearheaded by San Francisco Democratic Sen. Scott Wiener, will make it a misdemeanor, rather than a felony, to “intentionally expose someone to HIV.”

According to the bill, it is currently a felony, punishable by three, five or eight years in jail, to knowingly infect someone with HIV (emphasis added):

Existing law makes it a felony punishable by imprisonment for 3, 5, or 8 years in the state prison to expose another person to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) by engaging in unprotected sexual activity when the infected person knows at the time of the unprotected sex that he or she is infected with HIV, has not disclosed his or her HIV-positive status, and acts with the specific intent to infect the other person with HIV.

The bill would repeal those punishments and make it a misdemeanor to infect someone with HIV on purpose.

The Associated Press notes that while intentionally infecting someone with HIV is a felony in California, infecting someone with a disease like hepatitis in only a misdemeanor.


No, dummies. To correct this problem you must make the crime of purposely infecting someone with hepatitis a felony.

20 Comments on Cali seeks to make the crime of purposely infecting someone with HIV a misdemeanor

  1. Q- How do you cover up the criminal disaster you’ve made of a State?
    A- Kill off the witnesses/citizens.

  2. It is disturbing to see how much influence the LBGT lobbying groups have over the legal system, science and culture. Time to stand up to the faggot mafia

  3. The current law is based on homophobia

    Ohhh, well, by all means, change it to be heterophobic. It’s high time for HIV to spread onward to privileged cisgender folk, and the only thing holding back the disease is clearly homophobia. Cut the red tape and let HIV free!


  4. Using liberal logic: Since it’s legal to kill an inconvenient person before they’re born, shouldn’t it be legal to kill an inconvenient person after they are born?

  5. Mr. Anth Ropy, so long as inconvenient is defined as heterosexual white christian law abiding male legal citizen (aka racist).

  6. In California, if you purposely infect someone with HIV, which lest we forget, is a disease than can kill you, you’ll get a slap on the wrist

    If you were to call someone who would do such a thing a faggot, you’d probably lose your job

    I tell ya, the Big One can’t come soon enough

  7. The Gay community has gone in one short generation from being a group that quite rightly stood up against those that would discriminate and deny them their rights to one of the most bullying, discriminatory, hateful groups out there today. Lest we forget that the AIDs epidemic could have been stopped in it’s tracks within the gay community by the simple preventative of using a condom (which should have been the practice even before the transmission methods were determined) yet a significant number within the community chose not to use this simple solution and the virus was kept alive and spreading and today the number of those “barebackers” is growing. For California to even contemplate this change in the law simply shows how fast sheer ignorance can become an official position if the bullies are powerful enough.

  8. No, they should make killing some asshole (man or woman) who knowingly infects a person a misdemeanor.
    There, I fixed it.

  9. Keep your knickers up.
    Don’t fuck people you don’t know.
    Don’t fuck people for quarters in Bus Station Men’s Rooms.
    Don’t suck other guys’ dicks.
    Don’t let guys you don’t know fuck you in the ass.
    Don’t let guys you DO know fuck you in the ass.
    Don’t fuck guys you don’t know in the ass.
    Don’t fuck guys you DO know in the ass.
    Don’t let some guy you don’t know pull his dick out of some other guy you don’t know’s ass and stick it in your mouth.

    Simple solutions for simple problems.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. @Tim: I would ask how you came to be acquainted with these rules for safe behavior, but on second thought I don’t really want to go there. Never mind.




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