35 House Republicans Vote With Pelosi to Form January 6th Commission – IOTW Report

35 House Republicans Vote With Pelosi to Form January 6th Commission


Thirty-five House Republicans voted Wednesday to establish a commission to investigate the riots and protests on January 6.

The House passed H.R. 3233, the National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act, with 252 votes in favor and 175 votes against the bill. More

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  1. I now and would suggest you do the same, tear up every piece of solicitation from the RNC with a prepaid envelope including extra weight and a small message that not a dime will ever be sent until the RINO’s are purged and BALLS are grown and send it back to them.

  2. next:

    35 Repubelickers have difficulty financing re-election campaigns.

  3. There is a rumor that George Soros has, and will be funding the campaigns of fake republican congressional candidates. They talk just like us, but vote like democrats. Is his plan now bearing fruit?

  4. Fred Upton and that asshole Pete Meijer should just register as Democraps.
    They’ve gone along with everything the Democraps have put out there.

  5. Congress critter Dan Newhouse the jackass who represents Central Wash. state in Congress is a gutless, weenie RINO establishment lackey/toady/shitweasel. I hear that Loren Culp who ran for Governor last fall against Inslee is going to challenge Newhouse next year, I hope he wins.

  6. The new one from Oklahoma apparently has some rude staff from what I’m hearing. They’re not too pleased with people calling and telling Bice she’s one and done.

    It drives me insane, it was a big secret she was a RINO, all they had to do was take 30 minutes out of their day to discover this in the primaries, assuming she won the primaries fair and square, which is highly likely she didn’t.

  7. Let’s face it;

    They ALL run because of the money and Soros has the deepest pockets.

    Eliminate the money and you eliminate the unbridled corruption.

  8. We should assemble them for a group photo.
    One term backbenchers should be on a milk carton.

    Fortunately there isn’t one from Virginia for a change.

  9. Let the dumpocraps and their RINO friends have their little song and dance. Let’s not do what they are trying to do in Arizona – to shut down the audit because they are terrified of the results. In regard to the so-called insurrection of Jan 6, they are after Trump to try to get him on a charge of treason. They will not succeed.

    Trump is innocent and there is nothing to fear unless we are living in a worse tyranny than we think.

  10. Don’t know what’s worse a Commie Dem or a Rino Repube. 🤔

    Oh hell, their one in the same. 🤨

  11. I maybe in the minority here Depending on the parameters of the “investigation I believe the “investigation will backfire on the democrats big time. Just like the impeachment proceedings and the Russia hoax.
    To paraphrase gay Barry Never under estimate the ability of Nancy Polosi to scew thing up (for the democrats).

    Beside there are a lot of questions I would like to see answered

    1) who allegedly Killed Ashli Bobbit?
    Who was he working for?
    Is he still employed?
    2) Who exactly was Ashli Bobbit ?
    Why was she there?
    What was in here back pack?

    3) why did the mainstream media lie about the death of officer Sicknick for months then just drop the story?

    Why did the capital police escort protesters into the building ?

    Why are there people on tape in the capital claiming the were being paid to be there?

    What happened to Nancy’s laptop?

    what was on that laptop?

    seems to me the democrats maybe opening a can of worms they may wish they never opened. Then again who knows this may turn into another Warren commission or 9-11 style cover up.

  12. Remember Adam Schitt and his backroom and basement “hearings.” This will be run the same way with daily “leaks” pushing nothing but lies.


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