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  1. Yeah, like the equality of my older brother snapping a candy bar in two pieces, biting the longer one to match the shorter one then giving me MY share.

  2. Way back in the early 90s, I was interviewing for a position on my work team and one of the applicants was a black woman. It never occurred to me to treat her any differently than the rest of the applicants. I was looking for someone who could do the job.

    She was doing pretty well during the interview, but then she mentioned how she noticed that I only had white employees. She said that she hoped her color would not exclude her from consideration. I replied that it did not matter to me, I was only looking for a qualified person.

    She left and I placed her resume on the bottom of the reject pile. Not because of her color, but because of her attitude. Oh, and I had three Latino employees. I guess she couldn’t see very well due to that massive chip on her shoulder.

  3. It’s a shame, really.

    Jim Crow was a Demonrat initiative.
    KKK is a Demonrat initiative.
    Affirmative Action is a Demonrat initiative.
    #BLM is a Demonrat initiative.

    All initiated by the White Masters of the Demonrat Plantation.
    You’d think, after 100 years or so, that the negroes would catch on … but you’d be wrong.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Tim — The blacks did know of the racist roots of the D’s. It was during the Great Depression years that dragged on into FDR’s presidency when blacks voted for D’s because of the New Deal programs for the poor — along with many R voters who saw no end to the global economic decline. This was despite explicit plans to exclude blacks from many of these gov’t programs, especially ones designed to help small business and farmers.

  5. …D’Souza goes into great historic detail about post-Civil War blacks being almost exclusively R voters because of the blatant racism of D’s (who fought the war to retain slavery). Not a solitary R owned a slave. Not one. North or South. Lyndon Johnson gave voice to the whole of the D story regarding blacks when he said he’d have blacks voting D for 100 years (or however long he said it)in exchange for social safety hammock laws.

  6. Abigail…modern tyrants have figured out that the invisible shackles of serfdom are far stronger and more effective than any made of iron or steel.

  7. Equality, justice, God given rights, are all fictions that only exist at the sufferance of one group of people bestowed on another. None of them exist as constants that can be depended upon.

    When talking fails, as it always does (at least in recorded history) the group with the better application of physical violence can impose some semblance of them, subject to their interpretation of what they mean.

    This is what we do to each other, on planet Earth.

    Hundreds of millions have died because there were differences of opinions on how this shit actually works.

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