We need an Assault Sword ban

A woman hacked her boyfriend with a Samurai sword, plotting the attack after she found a dating app on his phone.

When the green-haired Oregon girl found red hair in the shower drain she knew she was going to hurt him.

She waited for him to fall asleep and she slashed and stabbed. He’s expected to survive.

I imagine her defense lawyer is going to bring up the boyfriend’s toxic masculinity as a reason their client went berserk. It’s understandable. Straight white men need to be killed off, so she is actually a bit of a hero.

ht/ JD Hasty

17 Comments on We need an Assault Sword ban

  1. Lucky it wasn’t a real weapon, somebody might have gotten really hurt. My bolos are even used to take down trees in the yard.

    None of those toys in my house, they are all real.

  2. The first clue should have been the Poison Ivy green hair.
    Perhaps the most ill conceived, premeditated murder attempt, ever.
    Yeah, crazy is fun, until she cuts you
    Premeditated, called 911 and confessed, knew she had done wrong, no “crazy defense” here, lock her up.
    Ban all assault swords !

  3. Mental Illness Haircut, interrupted. Sorry, Sybil, you won’t be allowed to shave half your head until you get out of jail.

  4. “Hell hath no fury …”

    What happened to all that “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” bullshit?

    “We are the world …”

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Rule 1: If your side chick has the opposite color hair as your girlfriend, you do NOT
    let her shower at your place.

    Rule 2 (supersedes rule 1): Don’t even bring her over to your place to begin with.
    What were you thinking to do such a thing?


  6. I understand her getting in the first stab/slash – what I don’t understand is, since that didn’t kill him, why didn’t he cut her into fish bait after that?

    Was this Pajama Boy?

    izlamo delenda est …


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