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  1. Reminds me of the old one of the gal who wanted a tattoo of Robert Redford on one thigh and Paul Newman on the other thigh.
    She was totally unsatiisfied with the results.
    The tattoo artist said we need another opinion. He called in a guy who had a few too many drinks.
    The old drunk guy said, “The one on the left looks a lot like Robert Redford and the one on the right looks a lot like Paul Newman, but
    The guy in the middle has to be Willie Nelson.”

  2. WE fought a revolution about this crap in my day!

    They were OPPRESSIVE useless rulers then.

    They ARE useless now.

    EFF the Brits.

  3. I showed that photo to Churchill. He said, “Harry, when you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

  4. So I showed this picture to mrs6pak and at first was confused at what she was looking at. When she realized what it was she said, with a tone that indicated disgust, ” it’s the Markles!” Pretty funny mistake.


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