Carpe Donktum does it again

Patriot Retort: You guys remember Carpe Donktum, right?

He’s the one that did this fantastic Trump/CNN video last year:

Well, Carpe Donktum is at it again.

This time providing us his own spin on that HIGH-larious clip of Ben Rhodes on election night (the one I featured HERE).

Here’s his first remix.

7 Comments on Carpe Donktum does it again

  1. Great job. Rhodes as a stammering loser.

    And these are the Left‘s “best and brightest”.
    Chosen to rule over us because The Left is so intellectually superior.

    Well done. More, please.

  2. Ben “I don’t know anymore where I begin and Obama ends,” Rodhes

    I guess he learned where “Obama ends”

  3. Ben “Legacy Man” Rhodes couldn’t get the voters to listen to his Echo Chamber. It’s only the lying, cheating, lazy, biased, gullible members of the MSDM who bought into his Echo Chamber, because they wanted to be deceived. These videos are going to be a great antidote to Rhodes’ memoirs of the years when he helped Osmidgen dismember our country. I love the part where President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton starts listing the excuses she will claim cost her the election.

  4. I think that she lost in states won by Bill and Barry is not related to her campaign. I think the degradation of working (Middle Class) Americans’s living standards is the reason.
    She campaigned hard in : Pittsburgh, Philly, Wallingford… And yet Don won! The owner of the Steelers hates Don; but most Steeler fans love him (I said most – not all.). Most American workers intuitively know their living standard has gone to H*ll the last 28 years. they can not quantify why, I can. And their gut is right!


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