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Spin The Wheel

Patriot Retort: Whelp, last week’s “Trump is a Racist” card must not have had the desired effect.

Because the news media has decided to spin the wheel again – this time landing on “Trump is Mentally Unfit.”

It was only a matter of time before the wheel landed on that one again.

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  1. After seeing Trump addressing I.C.E. this afternoon, he isn’t fazed one little bit, but was more on the attack than ever.

    The President coined this phrase today…..


  2. Who still has their Pin The Tail on the Donkey board left over from obama daze? It’s a bit worn, but I still have one!

  3. Engelburka.

    Never had one of those. I did have an Obama Chia Head, but it accidentally bursted into a hundred pieces on election night 2012.

    I don’t so much blame the bourbon stoked rage as much as the concrete patio that was in my way when I spiked it.

  4. Speaking of games- I think I almost have this place figured out.
    It appears to me that IOTWReport.com is like a cross between skeet shooting and T-ball, using some of the rules of ‘Whack-a-mole’ on a high grade miniature golf course. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m gonna figure this out.

  5. I always liked the old The Peoples Cube’s NYT headline generator. I believe, with a few updates, it would work just as well for the MSM. We could make bets with our friends on the date and whatever permutation is generated.

  6. “Trump is mentally unfit” seems to pop up immediately after Trump fires or hobbles a high-value Deeper…

    “That’s crazy. How could that be?”–Comey, upon finding out he’d been fired

    Crazy like a fox, Jim. You have to think outside the bubble, boy.

  7. Stevie Wonder thinks global warming killed Aretha Franklin.

    Trump is unfit and global warming killed Aretha Franklin.

    Seems like a Monday alright.

  8. OT, the WFB purports to have a leaked transcript of Obama’s Netflix show, but this has to be satire, right?

    “In this first episode of Barack Obama Presents: Barack Obama’s American Dream and Other Stories, we’re going to hear from a number of talented, inspiring, and creative young men and women who reminded me of me by working hard every day…”

    “Since leaving the White House, I’ve been thinking a lot about Nelson Mandela — one of the most inspirational leaders to ever walk the planet, may he rest is peace — and what it must have been like, from his perspective, to meet me for the first time.”


    You be the judge.

  9. “Hate Merchants Spin the Wheel of Misfortune”

    Pissed-Off about lower taxes?
    Upset about better wages?
    Livid about a strong economy?
    Well step right up and have a spin at the Wheel of Misfortune!
    Let’s see what dastardly stuff we can blame on the President this week!

    Ya know whut I love the most about President Trump?
    The fact that he has revealed to the entire world just how radical and unbalanced the Leftist democRATs truly are with their unparalleled level of unjustified, unreasonable hatred and vitriol!

  10. The Media Song. The Twist. Apologies to Chubby Checker
    “Come of let’s twist again like we did last summer.”
    Let’s twist the news again into a pretzel
    Let’s twist the news again like we did last year.
    Let’s tell the people that
    The boom is Obama’s.”
    I know that don’t rhyme worth a damn
    But I don’t give a shit!
    For the first time in decades the people of North and South Korea are reuniting as families.
    But, damnit! Trump takes two scoops of ice cream and he talks gruff.
    And that’s just one example of just how great President Trump is.
    The deep state want to destroy him.


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