3rd World Immigrant Medical Workers Exploited by NYC Democrats

American Thinker: For the last two weeks my cellphone has been ringing non-stop as healthcare recruiters from all over the Northeast have been trying to contact me.  Pay rates for RNs, LPNs, PCTs, and CNAs in New York City have almost doubled seemingly overnight and they keep going up.  Salaried doctors and nurses already on staff are facing some pay cuts, but NYC hospitals and nursing homes are desperate, and many recruiters are about to make a killing adding desperately-needed support staff that deal directly with pateints.  Something’s not adding up.

Less than a month ago, at the now infamous Elmhurst Hospital in Queens where patients with the Chinese virus are reportedly dropping like flies, the same recruiters were only willing to pay nursing assistants and patient care techs the federally mandated minimum wage with zero medical benefits, zero paid time  off, and zero opportunities for a pay raise or professional advancement. 

However, the despicable ways in which these medical workers are treated notwithstanding, there are other issues that make this topic somewhat challenging to deal with.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to draw attention to the conditions that these people are subjected to without drawing attention to ways in which they contribute to their own suffering and to the suffering of others around them.  Keep Reading.

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  1. With unemployment heading upwards as a result of this economic shutdown, may reaching over 30% before it’s over, we need to import as many poorly skilled and low pay workers of all kinds and types as we can to make up for it.

  2. What she says in the article is very accurate. I have first hand experience of several imported medical technicians and nurses from the PI. Their homes are often dirty since they grew up with maids cleaning for them, they don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, the men don’t lift the seat, but piss all over it, and they are perfectly comfortable with cockroaches in their homes. And these are medical workers.

    Like many modern immigrants, they want to keep their cultural norms here in the States, but want respect and American money.

  3. Lance o Lot – a number of years ago I discovered a disturbing trend at a certain fast food restaurant (Mr H in this neck of the woods) that all seemed to be run by E Indians. The stores were disgustingly filthy. Used to love them in the 70s and 80s. Haven’t been in one for over twenty years!

  4. …I would love to read an entire American Thinker article at least once, ANY of their articles, but my luck keeps getting in the way and I’ve won SO many “5,000,000 search” contests at this point that I could probably buy my OWN internet, if only I would accept their notifications…

    …sadly, I try to leave some for someone else and decline, and thats as far as I ever get, so I guess I will never discover the exciting conclusion to THIS one, either…

  5. Democrats have been pissed every since the Republicans separated them from their slaves, they still want their slaves back.


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