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$4.00 Gas Across All 50 States

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Joe Biden may be just another old white guy and will never be as cool as the first black president, but he just achieved something historic for his presidential legacy. Not only is the national average for a gallon of gas now over $4.50, but gas prices are over $4 a gallon in all 50 states. Both are historic firsts.

Gas prices reached an average of $4.52 a gallon on Tuesday, according to AAA. That’s up from $4.37 a week ago, and up from $3.05 a gallon a year ago. More

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  1. $5.25 here – Indian Casinos. Other places in town $5.75 diesel is $6+/gal. I have a friend that commutes 200 miles a day to work. It’s no longer worth it to her. She’s already gone through a 2-yo vehicle. They moved her 4 years ago – gas situation was different. However, I wouldn’t have made the move regardless. She should have stayed put….too late now.

  2. $4.00/gal! Glad some of you folks have cheap gas. It’s over $5 in Fairbanks. I shudder to think what it is in the villages. It was $5.50 last summer in villages on the road system.

    Not only FJB but every single person living, dead or imaginary that voted for that POS!!!!

  3. $4.60 in southern Illinois. Filled my truck, my wife’s car and got gas for the mower on Saturday, $120.00

  4. It has gone up fifty cents in the past two months around Houston. I am seeing $4.10-4.20.

    I paid around $6.00 when I drove through California in early March.

  5. With the commie-enviro-whacko-cultists now firmly in charge of the demoncrat party, the mantra is “Green energy independence is essential”…even if they destroy this nation in their quest to implement it. Make no mistake about it, the objective is to bring down the United States of America as it was founded. The useful idiots who are demanding greeness and wokeness do not have a clue as to where they are headed.

    Now, $6+ a gallon is just one of the costs to achieving their elusive utopia. And besides, it’s not about “the people” anymore – the ruling class dropped that pretense years ago – it’s all about retaining and increasing their power. The UI’s just don’t understand.

  6. $4.90 in Maine
    Heating oil is at $6.90.
    We use oil year round as the hot water is off the furnace.

    Dirty Dems suck.

    Last year during the out of staters’ invasion while they were overpaying for homes our City Council revalued our homes.
    Our taxes went up an average of 30% across town.
    This year they want a 6% hike. They are hiring 5 new teachers to teach the illegals English and the unions demanded a double digit raise.
    There are going to be some delinquint bills here in our town.

  7. I’m retired but still work three days a week to help with the bills,so I don’t drive as much as you all,and I keep my tank full at all times,usually only put in $10-$15 a week. I pray you all get some relief soon and the price goes down just as fast as it went. Keep the faith and trust in the Lord.

  8. Market is down 800 now. And Biden is in Buffalo trying to whip up black rage; so we can have more riots and racist attacks against whites.

    Biden and his supporters are all evil, demonic scum.

  9. In a nation that two years ago was EXPORTING Energy! We don’t need oil from the Middle East, or from South America, or Russia. We have more than all of them put together.

  10. Beachmom: back in the ‘90’s I was at a meeting for district Republicans. There was a speaker who was there to urge us to support renewing the property tax levy to pay for the automated fingerprint system. Previously it cost five cents per $1000 valuation. The new measure was to increase it to six cents per $1000 because costs had gone up. I wanted to say “So have our valuations.”

  11. On the horns of a dilemma. He wants to cause us pain but he doesn’t want to hurt the democrap party.

  12. Illinois making it law to post on gas pumps that Illinois congress is delaying yearly tax increase for 1 year so you are forced to know the kind representatives in Springfield are looking out for you and to vote for them again.

    It means the following year the increase will be 2x normal, but that’s wrongthink and you aren’t supposed to know that. Pumps weren’t forced to post in 2019 when the gas tax DOUBLED.

    Yes, I said YEARLY tax increase, by law. They call them “automatic” increases so it’s not actual humans increasing it anymore, it just happens, out of the control of the kind hearted elected reps.

    slippery fuckers.

  13. Goldenfoxx
    MAY 18, 2022 AT 11:17 AM

    “I have a friend that commutes 200 miles a day to work. It’s no longer worth it to her. She’s already gone through a 2-yo vehicle. They moved her 4 years ago – gas situation was different.”

    …I feel her pain. I drive an 80 mile round trip course to work and back every day, just moved last year and bought a new, efficient car with 32 miles on the odo.

    It’s got 30,100 on the clock now.

    I didn’t want to move my the nice neighborhood I bought my first house in 22 years ago got taken over by Section 8 after they closed the Projects down the bus line about 30 miles from there, and spread them wherever the busses went, which was literally my front door. Got tired of replacing shot-out car windows and having entire cars destroyed by drunks at the neighborhood bar/both kinds of shooting gallery, and periodically losing access to various sides of my house during murder investigations, one time because a murderer dropped a hat running through my side yard after killing a local vendor, one time because a guy got beat to death in the alley behind my house where I had to take out the garbage, and there was the time the jewel thief climbed my legally limited 8 foot fence to run through my backyard…

    …I can go on, but you see my point, althogh the BLM march down Main street kinda put a cherry on top. Not wanting to have to precede my garbage removal with a gun-drawn alley sweep every week or leave an invalid MIL and medically compromised wife alone in that situation or keep getting up every time there was gunfire or a car wrecked nearby, we had to reach out pretty far to find a place with ok roads, but OFF the bus line and far enough away from the Communist blot of Cincinnati that it would take some time for the evil to climb up my rural hill.

    You just can’t be close to the more blue cities, but my specialty now is factory automation and robotics and they don’t have much call for that on horse ranches, so I gotta do what I gotta do. The gas prices are definitely a handicap when everything is minimum of 15 minutes away at highway speeds just for groceries, but dealing with the divorce and/or burials that surely would have happened had I tried to stay and defend an increasingly untenable position that I’m not even at 14 hours a day and trying to sleep at for at least 4, so this was just the best of bad alternatives I had.

    And like your freind, the contracts were signed before Pedo REALLY destroyed the energy industry, so I can only hope that inflation lets me pay back my low interest but WAY expensive mortgage with super cheap money to ease the fixed expense of that anyway, so there’s that, and pray God provides anyway as He always has.

    My employer gave a 15% raise this year, so He definitely moved on HER, but now I have to pray that SHE can afford it what with raw material, parts, and labor shortages, but that’s a different story for another day…

  14. manbearpig
    MAY 18, 2022 AT 12:36 PM
    “On the horns of a dilemma. He wants to cause us pain but he doesn’t want to hurt the democrap party.”

    …no worries about The Party, mate!

    He knows he can *giggle* “count” on ME!

  15. Diesels $6.50 in the NorCal foothills. The higher you go up the hill the higher the prices are.
    DHS issued a warning yesterday to expect civil unrest and violence. Well gee, we can’t drive, we can feed our babies, we’re being invaded, and they’re sending my tax dollars to perpetuate a war so the Neocons can prosper. WTF do they expect.

  16. Yeah but Brad, why should we be mad about that? I mean, the government is gonna make it alright. I’m gonna own nothing and be happy. I can’t wait.

    I hope I don’t have to give the /sarc off notation (which I just did anyway)

  17. Brad, I’m going to post the last part of your comment on a couple of sites. Will keep it anonymous.
    It’s short and to the point.

  18. Just saw 5.99 for Premium. Probably $6+ by the end of the week.
    All the closest Costco’s are over $5 for all grades.
    Summer of rage around the Seattle area as we hit $6, $7?!?

  19. Cash/rubels for your gas guzzler, sell today, fast quick cash/rubels!
    Free tissues for all the ones who want a big cry!

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