4 Chan Costs High School $53k in Yearbook Reprinting Fees


The left doesn’t know whether to sh*t or wind their wristwatch.

After discovering a number of students participating in the “circle game” in yearbook photos, a Chicago area high school has decided to reprint the entire book at a cost of $53,000.

4 Chan, a website populated by professional trolls, experimented with creating a hand signal that would allegedly depict white supremacy. They decided on a variation of the Circle Game. It spread like wildfire, and it was all a joke.

Now people are simply doing it because they know it triggers the left.

The high school says they know it’s a joke, but they are reprinting the book to “protect” the students because when they go for a job in the future, their photo might come back to haunt them.

Oh really?

They could, at the very least, become the governor of Virginia.




6 Comments on 4 Chan Costs High School $53k in Yearbook Reprinting Fees

  1. So the school has taken it upon itself to deny the students their right to free speech and expression? Hope the students and the sensible parents fight back.

  2. @SomeGuy Somewhere: “How in the hell…”

    Pretty much the same way the msm works.
    Keep your eye out for the ‘thumbs up’ gesture. That’s been percolating for a while.
    How also has a lot to do with why there is so much censureshit going on.


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