4 Reasons Trump Should Nominate Amy Barrett

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  1. BIOGRAPHY — Barrett’s story almost seems too incredible to believe. Her professional credentials include clerking for the Supreme Court, working for a prestigious private law firm, and a 15-year tenure as a respected scholar teaching at the University of Notre Dame Law School.  While amassing this superb resume, she also cares for her brood of seven children.  It would be almost comical to watch liberals try to assail such a smart, likable, and impressive professional and personal superwoman.  In both optics and substance, Barrett is the Democrats’ worst nightmare.
  2. RECORD — Barrett’s professional body of work reveals a stellar legal mind wedded to the principles of originalism and preservation of the textual integrity of our Constitution. Her record strongly suggests she will resist the trend of recent decades toward a court that legislates from the bench and instead will return our country to a badly needed federalism through judicial restraint.  For example, regarding the legal doctrine of stare decisis, she wrotethat in overturning precedent “a new majority cannot simply impose its vision only with votes” but “must defend its approach to the Constitution.”  Eminent Princeton scholar Robert George in a tweet called Judge Barrett “a super smart female justice who’s guided by the constitutional text, its logic, structure, and original public meaning.”
  3. POLITICS — President’s Trump’s recent momentum – from court victories to rising poll numbers to a roaring economy – is undeniable. Now is the time to press forward with an unorthodox and, perhaps, controversial pick for the court.  Barrett was confirmed for the federal bench just nine months ago with approval from every Republican (even the Trump-hating ones) and several Democratic senators from very pro-Trump states such as Indiana’s Joe Donnelly and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, who will face voters this November in tough races.  Would they dare to reverse themselves on such an impressive female candidate in a mere matter of months?
  4. RELIGIOUS LIBERTY — Barrett’s 2017 confirmation hearing revealed some of the worst instincts of the Democratic Party and its visceral disdain for Americans who subscribe to traditional values and faiths. Because Barrett and her family take their Catholicism seriously, Sen. Diane Feinstein dared to tell her “the dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s a concern.”  Similar sentiments were voiced by the ostensibly Catholic Sen. Dick Durbin.  Such questions represent, by the way, an unconstitutional religious litmus test.  But even more offensively, high-ranking public servants like Feinstein and Durbin –whose faiths were once subject to discrimination in American public life – should be ashamed of such wanton prejudice.  Thankfully, Barrett persevered in those hearings and responded with logic and poise, proving she can handle the inevitable onslaught the left will unleash should she be nominated.

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  1. “There’s something good coming
    for you and me
    There’s something good coming
    There has to be”
    Tom Petty

  2. Plus, she can go in the SCOTUS ladies room and listen to the other 3 liberal lady judges while she fluffs herself. I once had a g/f who spoke Ukrainian (very similar to Russian) and she went to the ladies room of an Italian joint in So. Philla and told me to WATCH out and avoid all those Russian ladies who had plans for the various gangsters in the same restaurant.

  3. She would be my pick. And why does robert george qualify his assessment of her by stating she is a “super smart female justice”? Smart is smart, it doesnt have genitals hanging from it.

  4. #5…kinda hot……Next to the liberal hags next to her it would be quite clear that we are winning.

  5. She’s my choice just based on the readings from the Leftoid Shreik-O-Meter!
    (works just like the old Applause Meter)
    (or in the case of Stormy Daniels, the Clap-O-Meter…)

  6. Maybe she should have her 7 kids in the room while she’s being interrogated by the democrats. see if they would feel any shame in attacking her in front of her kids.

  7. If it is true that she will recuse herself from any death penalty cases, then, no, she should not be the choice.

  8. “…a stellar legal mind wedded to the principles of originalism and preservation of the textual integrity of our Constitution.” sold me.

  9. She looks so, well, ah, American, compared to the other two whales and the cadaver.
    I’m in for her.

  10. She’s my top choice…..and I’m sure she’d have no problem telling the “Wise Latina” not to worry about her diabetes and have that Hershey bar! Anything to help get a third seat pick up for DJT!

  11. How does she feel about AR’s and AK’s.

    If I hear, “I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but………..” No Deal.

    Got it?


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