4 Shot Dead, 11 Injured During First 36 Hours of Memorial Weekend in Chicago

Breitbart: Four people were shot dead and at least 11 were injured as shootings occurred across gun-controlled Chicago during the first 36 hours of Memorial Weekend.

NBC Chicago reports the first shooting of the holiday weekend were recorded around 2 p.m. Friday and the last one reported during the 36-hour window took place about 7 p.m. Saturday.

The first fatal shooting was discovered just before 8 p.m. Friday, when police found “a 32-year-old male victim was found shot to death inside a residence.” A 35-year-old was shot to death in an unrelated attack at roughly the same time. read more

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  1. Hmmmm. I wonder how many gunz I could sell if I painted ‘COVID-19’ along the barrel or slide.

  2. The governor’s a zillionaire. Why doesn’t he just offer a reward? For Cloud Windy City’s Jussies, to put all the gunslingers in carbonite? Until there’s a maccine?

  3. how’s that gun c**trol working for you pussy-ass commie-lawyers?

    guess you’ll have to pass more/different ones & see how that works?

    surely your constituents & relatives will obey, right?

  4. YTD, 1013 shot and 207 dead by gunshot in a city that a guy needs a permit to just walk into a gun retailer’s storefront. of that, 13 managed to shoot themselves in the balls; which I find an odd statistic to track. CPD doesn’t report misses but, forty percent of those shot by police were only wounded out of the total of only five shot by the CPD. As a guy can see, the CPD doesn’t report firing their weapons indiscriminately and that is a very good thing. one Chicago Police Officer has been shot this year to date, but I have no data on the officers present condition.
    the population at large can’t be proud of their marksmanship with 83% of those shot by non-PD were only wounded.

  5. shot myself in the balls……..NEVER! Whilst that does appear to be a strange statistic, it reminds us NOT to carry our gat in the waistband of our jogging pants………

  6. Filthy fuggin Amish … again?
    Or was it dirty-ass mulleted rednecks cruisin through Chicago killing peaceful natives?

    Oh! The Humanity!

    izlamo delenda est …

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