41 of 44 Districts With High COVID-19 Death Rates Are Democrat – IOTW Report

41 of 44 Districts With High COVID-19 Death Rates Are Democrat

Sharyl Attkisson

Pew Research Center is out with an analysis of coronavirus deaths. It shows they are overwhelmingly concentrated in Congressional districts represented by Democrats.

Democrats represent 41 of 44 districts with the highest number of Covid-19 deaths.

This lopsided distribution could help explain a partisan divide in the views regarding whether a national shutdown was the right move, and whether it’s time to end it. More

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  1. And those 3 Republican districts are in the NYC area, so are bound by Cuomo’s mandates.
    Top 10% are all within: NYC area (incl. CT & NJ), Boston, Detroit, New Orleans.

  2. Yeah, and the higher they fudge the numbers the worse it looks for their state/county. So I don’t know how they think this is Trump’s fault. he’s not directly involved in that state’s systems and he didn’t create the virus. If he had, it would have gold lettering that said “Trump”all over it and he would insist it be named after him. LOL.

  3. All Demonrats take their marching orders from the cabal. All Demonrat plans are nationalized and implemented by the Demonrat cabal members.

    The Magic Negro, Publosi, and Cryin Chuck coordinate Demonrat efforts with Soros.

    That is why Nazi Nan waited until Jan 15 to “transmit” the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Her words “transmit” on the exact day that Patient Zero landed at SeaTac to begin the Kung Flu crisis from a Soros funded lab in Wuhan.

    The pandemic, the impeachment, and now the riots are coordinated and implemented by the Democrats with the single focus of ending PDJT. A focus now shared by the Chicoms.

    We are at war people and its going to get bad. Lock, load and stay frosty because its coming, as well as war with China.

  4. Probably the same percentages as for STD’s, violent crime, illegals, abortions, and you know, everything sacred to democrats.

  5. OneLastTime – no kidding. A friend of mine just the other day had stories about the ER (on the edge of a major city) and he told me he had a patient that had a blood screening and she came back positive for THREE venereal diseases. At once. And she’s not a hooker just a careless skank. Can you imagine?

    I tip my hat to you inner city medical people. So many gross people out there.

  6. No surprise. Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom, etc. Just taking advantage during a crisis to “rearrange” our society. Wonder what the political affiliation was among the dead Wuhan/China virus patients.


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