Migratory Birds Flying Over Venice

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  1. Serene…

    They’re cranes of some sort. If I saw a white crane with black wing tips in the USA…I’d think they were whooping cranes.

  2. We witnessed something rare in our and our immediate neighbors’ places yesterday — hundreds of flocking male robins. We have nearly a foot of snow on the ground and they came suddenly during a sun break, roosting in the gutters and along the roof lines, and trees. The shrubs were alive with robins gleaning the small cones and whatever fruit was left on them. It sent me to the internet to discover that there are often flocks of robins that remain near their breeding grounds over winter. We always get a few robins in spring and summer, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. It was pretty magical. And among them we also sighted a lone red-headed woodpecker, a bald eagle, and a flicker.

  3. Did you know that there is no such thing as Corinthian Leather?

    It is a made up marketing name that Chrysler used for its higher end vehicles. There are no Corinthian cows, it’s not a special location, someone just thought it sounded high brow.

  4. …but, it was new and improved, @old oaks, and only available for a limited time at a closeout sale, and there were 3 other people looking at that car later, and it was only ever driven by an old lady to church on Sunday, and no one could give me a better deal, the guy said his manager was gonna yell at him for it, it was SO good…

  5. Beautiful city. They did a great job of editing out all the burning cars and shops, started by Muslim migrants who want more free stuff.

  6. Serene and beautiful. These cranes are lucky they aren’t flying along the Mississippi Flyway where they’ll run into the GreenEnergyCo. 3 bladed Cuisinart “farm” monstrosities that dot the landscape.

  7. …when I was aligning K-cars professionally I saw more than ONE of them with the K-frame stub that gave the car line its name, broken on one side of the control arm, @geoff the aardavark. The strongest part of the car. This never made the owner very happy to hear about, and probably cheaper to just get a new car at that point…

  8. You guys are all mixed up.
    The Volare was a plymouth version of the Dodge Aspen. It was their next generation of the Dart/Duster. It was rear wheel drive and available with the slant 6 or 318 V8.
    The K car was the first front wheel drive, 4 banger Chrysler (Dodge Aries, Plymouth Reilant, Chrysler Labaron).
    The “Rich Corinthian Leather” the Ricardo talked about was in the Chrysler Cordoba, which was the Chrysler version of the Plymouth Fury.

  9. @Jethro – right you are. A friend of mine had one but it was their feeble attempt to recreate one of the muscle cars. I think it was a Road Runner but don’t quote me as it might have been something else. All I remember is the thing couldn’t get out of its ownway and the interior had the crappiest hard plastic parts I had ever seen. Even worse than AMC’s.

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