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  1. Spelling in English is difficult because English words are not always spelled phonetically. Not even usually.
    I had to explain this to a friend who had trouble with learning how to spell and was feeling down because the phonic learning programs weren’t working for him.

    Sorry to the phonics people, but this is easy to prove. Spelling in English relies heavily on memorization because of this.

  2. Coming after the story about the drag queens reading to kids in the Library? Hoo hee they were right when they said edumacation is expensive.

    No wonder most of them need “the rapist.”

  3. …A man who once owned a business I worked at had a passion for bowls of different sorts, mostly from bygone civilizations. Don’t ask me why, I do not know.

    Anyway, he decided he wanted to display some in the office area of the plant, and to that end he commissioned a company that did display cases for museums to do one for him. They evidently did the tags for them with an early computer that had an early form of spell-check, and no one to proof read the tags. Because of this the tags all had valid words on them, just not necessarily ones that made sense in context.

    Most of these were minor, like “if” for “of”, but the most egregious was one for a bowl that was found during and archeological dig, or was an “archeological find”.

    This was tagged, by the museum company, on a REALLY nice tag, as an “ART ILLOGICAL FINED”.

    The old man loved his case and had bad eyes, and no one had the balls to tell him, so an Art Illogical Fined it stayed until he sold the business and took his bowls with him.

    …our visitors were too polite to comment. If they ever noticed.

    …remember this as you trust modern spell-check for YOUR posts…

  4. …does that mean we can pronounce the name of the mentally ill guy with the vendetta against our President in the House as “A DAM Schiff”?

    …and maybe MIS-pronounce that LAST name a bit, as well…

  5. Maybe it shoulda stepped on a frickin’ Kenyan years ago! Think how much better off we’d BE!!! 🤔

  6. Spelling in English depends on some memorization, but look-say requires nothing but memorization, and doesn’t give people the ability to pronounce unfamiliar words. Try pronouncing black children’s names.

  7. Haha! I was snowmobiling a couple of weeks ago. While imbibing at the bars I would ask others what in the hell is a Win Ding Trail?

    Nobody could tell me what it was.


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