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  1. The only correct answers to any question are; Red, possibly, Tuesday, up, and 5. All others are incorrect and should be ignored.
    As a side !, the Basset Hound is just the larval stage of the taller and faster Greyhound.

  2. His cookies got burnt in the oven and now he’s wondering what he’ll eat with his nightly tea?

    We’re going to need more clues.

  3. got it- deltoid is going to be the name of that prince harry guy’s baby!
    this intersectional diversity is great.
    I’m gonna wake up my neighbors and tell them

  4. This post was too long for me to read.

    But I do want to let everyone know the following


    I’m not trying to stir shit up, just having my say.

  5. Oral instructions; Read the entire test, before starting !
    1. xxx
    2. yyy
    3. zzz
    4. Put your pencil down, anybody writing ?

  6. Is that a punctuation graph of Bill Clinton’s Peyronie’s diseased Anthony Weiner going flaccid? Because he’s hooked like a cashew.

  7. “I’m surprised I can spell “recipe”. That’s a weird word.”
    What’s even weirder, a lot of people pronounce it ‘recipe’, but spell it “receipt” Where’d that come from?
    As for the topic; slow news day?


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