Coffee will Kill You, Until it Won’t, and Other Fake Health News

American Thinker: Every week there is another health pronouncement saying what is now good for you and what is going to kill you. Unfortunately, the “what” is often interchangeable — what was supposed to kill you last week is now suddenly good for you or vice versa.

Foods, supplements, and activities, all studied extensively and determined to be either good or bad, then subject to a new study, with the opposite conclusion. How can this be? Is the science that fickle? Or is this lousy research?

Some studies note an association which they spin as causation, like determining that older ladies who play bingo often have blue hair, an association that has nothing to do with cause and effect. Other studies are based on computer models which like most climate models, fail miserably at predicting future events.

Let’s take a look at some of the settled medical science that quickly became fake news.

Start with coffee, the morning beverage of choice for much of America. In 1981, the New York Times reported a study from the Harvard School of Public Health finding, “a statistical link between the drinking of coffee and cancer of the pancreas.” In 2014, Inc told us “19 horrible things that can happen” from drinking too much coffee.

Flash forward to today, when a British Heart Foundation study discovered, “up to 25 cups of coffee a day still safe for heart health.” Quite the turnaround. Johns Hopkins Medicine reportsother benefits of coffee, reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, heart failure, and stroke. READ MORE

15 Comments on Coffee will Kill You, Until it Won’t, and Other Fake Health News

  1. ALL health news is FAKE news. 😡

    I’ve lived through “butter is good / margarine is bad for you.” “Margarine is good for you / butter is bad for you.” “BOTH are bad for you.” And then, “Butter is GOOD for you again.” 🙄

    ALL health care workers, doctors, nurses, etc. (EXCEPT the cash-ONLY ones) are Der Komissar ObamassarKare subcontractors; they SOLD OUT to insurance companies, lawyers, gummint Tsars & Tsarinas, because they’d rather play footsy, and cutesy, & golf with these dodo’s, than stand up for their damn career, job, & patients. 😡

    FUDGE ‘EM ALL!!! 😡 I’m gonna DIE in the age of ObamaKare, and see who resurrects me first: the Obamessiah, or the TRUE Messiah.

    MY money’s on the latter…

  2. It’s researchers who are paid to come up with the results they are told to come up with.

    Same as the climate ‘scientists’.

  3. I remember years ago, some douche study finding that bacon will kill you!!!! You can have my bacon when you take it from my cold dead hand! Fook these “studies” and the horses they rode in on! What nobody will consider is that everybody dies. I do not believe anything coming out of the gubmint.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. “Employees of Monsanto ghostwrote scientific reports that U.S. regulators relied on to determine that a chemical in its Roundup weed killer does not cause cancer, farmers and others suing the company claimed in court filings.

    Plaintiffs claim that Monsanto’s toxicology manager ghostwrote parts of a scientific report in 2013 that was published under the names of several academic scientists, and his boss ghostwrote parts of another in 2000.”

  5. A few years ago my doctor said I needed to start taking daily Vitamin D. I exercise regularly, am in excellent health, not overweight, don’t smoke or drink. I asked why I need the D.
    He replied that most people need more vitamin D now due to better testing and the fact that most people don’t get enough sun.
    I said, “Well, who in the world told everyone to stay out of the sun? You doctors did!”

    More irony: I get plenty of sun!


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