446-page Transcript of Anthony Fauci Deposition Released – IOTW Report

446-page Transcript of Anthony Fauci Deposition Released

446-page transcript of the deposition of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, was released today by State Attorney Eric Schmidt (Missouri) and State Attorney Jeff Landry (Louisiana) who filed a lawsuit alleging government collusion with social media companies during the COVID crisis. MORE

7 Comments on 446-page Transcript of Anthony Fauci Deposition Released

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  2. Evidence is stacking up showing collusion between the gov’t and social media during the covid crisis. It is also becoming apparent there was collusion with social media, the Democrats and the Administrative Deep State against candidate and POTUS Trump.

    How is it the regular media’s collusion is ignored and social media is in the cross hairs, when everyone knows gov’t and Democrat collusion with the media had, and continues to have, an even greater impact? Why the distinction between “social media” and “media”. What is the difference between the two when media gives a Democrat candidate or pol 100% positive coverage and his Republican opponent 0%, or when a media personality publicly slanders someone who speaks against what they report?

    Is anyone in Leftist media paying attention to the revelation of gov’t and social media collusion?

  3. “Collusion” my ass – a downright Treasonous conspiracy.

    FedGov, Media, Social Media, Academia, and Big Pharma – not a loose collection of actors with similar aims – a concerted effort – a TREASONOUS CONSPIRACY. Same as the passage of ObolaCare: a Treasonous conspiracy among Gruber, Pelosi, Schumer, and Obola to defraud and deceive the American People while trashing the Constitution.

    And we let it slide. And we’re letting this slide.

    But we can’t figure out why the whole World’s turning to shit?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Not collusion, at the very least it’s crimes against humanity or conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity.

  5. “GOVERNMENT MANDATE: Mandatory face protection is required to enter”

    Like, with a cloth? GFY, government.

    I cannot believe the gall of this allegedly jabbed & boosted dickhead in forcing a court reporter to wear a mask after she sneezed. Because the last thing he wants is to get covid. No, dickhead the last thing you want is a lethal injection. It’s the last thing many people wanted, but Pfizer gave it to them anyway.


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